Who Said Vacation?

Life isn’t that easy, specially when you get older. Your responsibilities are more, I can remember when I was younger didn’t care that much about anything specially when I was a student. Life was fun and fun only, but after you graduate things change. Lots of changes happen and your priorities too, fun will be on the bottom of that list.

Its the time you start a career, the time to think about your future and what you want to do for your life. You start to work hard and everything in life will be related to work. So I remember when I started working, my whole life was dedicated to work and work only. There was a time I couldn’t see my own family, couldn’t see my friends sometimes for almost a month… even if I see them it will be for an hour or so and thats it. At work I travel a lot, but you all know when you travel for work there is no pleasure. It becomes a headache, traveling sometimes on a plane for 14 hours with transits at airports. When you arrive at that country you start working immediately, then within the next 24 hours you’re on a plane again back home or to a different destination. Its exhausting believe me, your sleep pattern will change your whole system will be out of order. So I remember three years has passed fast all I did was traveling for work, not a single day for me, I didn’t have a vacation!! I needed that badly at least a week, every body needs some time off to energize him self to get away from stress and come back with clear mind and energy.

The problem was I had to travel again for work, so I had to postpone my plans to another time. When I was told that we are going to this place, I got excited. Its a good place to escape from everybody. So we agreed that after work we need to stay for a day just to relax and have a good time. After we finished work, we got the next day for us, I think some of you know Maldives. A day at that country was worth a whole vacation, So who said vacation? definitely if to that island ill be the first person to join you.IMG_0856IMG_0859


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  1. judithdandan says:

    As a student who will graduate month later and transfer to another life status, I really not sure I can handle everything well, however, I think a job can travel lots of places is cool.

    1. rabi80 says:

      Believe me you will do just fine. When traveling is not for fun it becomes exhausting.

  2. reemkulaib says:

    Life is not easy. Anyway, at this time try to take the advantage of being a student and give your self a vacation after this semester end.

    1. rabi80 says:

      Sure life isn’t easy at all, ill try to enjoy my vacation but I know my self ill be bored very fast..Lol

  3. maysarjabr says:

    “didn’t care that much about anything,” I said that to myself because i NEVER care about anything before I came to the USA but know I’m responsible for everything

    1. rabi80 says:

      This is life when you become responsible everything matters and you have to take care of everything and think about it all the time.

  4. jodyleylax says:

    First off, your job sounds awesome, I guess I’m just weird lol, and second that island look amazing! You are absolutely correct, our bodies do need to relax sometimes and I’d love to relax on that Island!

    1. rabi80 says:

      Totally agree with you, it is awesome but as you said you need sometime off to clear your mind. hope you have the chance and visit it 🙂

  5. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    Woow the pictures are really AMAZING and I can tell that a day worth a whole vacation:p

    1. rabi80 says:

      Lol, it was really worth a whole vacation.

  6. kimberlyo1 says:

    I love going on vacation. My mom and I love to travel somewhere new either during the summer or winter break.

    1. rabi80 says:

      Good to hear that hope you enjoy it.

  7. noufabdulla says:

    OMG the pictures tell us, we have to travel to Maldives ASAP, I really like those pictures. Another thing, yes I agree with you, when we become older, we will have more responsibilities.

    1. rabi80 says:

      You should go and see but you have to save money its expensive lol, I think this is the punishment of getting older..LoL

  8. lonelyfatbeard says:

    I have had a one day vacation once.. it was trip planned but due to office work i couldn’t… but i still too a flight to spend one day with my friends…in GOA.. its India’s party capital

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