This year in my class of « film production », we were asked to create a PSA: Public Service Anouncement about an important topic as the health with the cigarettes or alcohol when you drive for example.

With our team we decided to dwell on suicide. It is an act that unfortunately affects many young people who feel misunderstood and who think their lives are insurmountable to such an extent that they wish to stop living.

I think this is a topic that should not be taboo because speaking is the best solutions to help these people. Communicating and listening becomes paramount in certain situations. There are millions of reasons why teenagers commit suicide: harassment, rape, being uncomfortable in their own skin, parents’ divorce …

Here is our video shock to react the people concerned and their entourages. That only happens to other people.

Moreover, the subject becomes more and more important. A new serie « 13 reasons why » has just been broadcast on Netflix which is a series on a teenage girl who has just committed suicide and explains by episodes why she made such a move. In addition, we can see the reaction of her parents, her friends and the people she attended in the school. They are all overwhelmed by the death of Hanna.

You can find the trailer here:

It’s an important message to share !


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  1. judithdandan says:

    It’s an important message to share! According to official report, the suicide rate is gradually grow in the past decades. It is a complicated problem in the world world. In my mind, it is a mostly a physical health problem.

    1. ineskrb says:

      Yes, it is very important de share and know all the risques of this kind of situation.

  2. reemkulaib says:

    I agree it is a serious issue and I feel so bad for people who thinking to do it, Because that mean they arrive to desperation stage.

    1. ineskrb says:

      me too i’m feel so bad

  3. jodyleylax says:

    I recommend everyone watch 13 reason’s why, it’s an incredibly tear jerking series and shines the light on something that most people just sweep under the rug. Thank you for posting about this.

    1. ineskrb says:

      Yes, very good serie !

  4. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    I think parents need to pay attention to this!!

    1. ineskrb says:

      Yes off course, I think they are the problem and they can be the solution too

  5. kimberlyo1 says:

    This is very powerful. I also feel people should start talking more about it because a lot of young children are going down that path, and it is very sad.

    1. ineskrb says:

      Thank you ! We have to pay attention to the our next generation !

  6. hajerotb says:

    Very sad:( it is not small number!
    there are a lot of young students tend to commit suicide because they face BULLYING. I think parents and schools are responsible for saving those students’ lives.

  7. lonelyfatbeard says:

    Did anyone see my name in the credits!

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