My First Unforgettable Experience !!

The first experience  for anything new always has  unforgettable memories. The First time I faced with dogs  was so funny and every time I remember that day I lough so hard. 

As I came from Saudi Arabia I did not use to live with dogs. The only pet I had were cats. Before I came to New York I was in Philadelphia studying English language. I have cousins in Philadelphia, so they helped me to find an apartment in Philadelphia. The story starts when I arrived to Philadelphia with my father. I spent the first couple days at my uncle place until I found an apartment.   At that time I visited my cousins. They have dogs and they know I do not use to dogs, so every time I visit them thy hide the dogs  inside the room until I leave. The school started and I did not find apartment yet. My uncle suggested me to stay at my cousins place because it more closer to my school. The day when my aunt ” my cousins mom’s” came to pick me up from my uncle place  to my cousins place on our way she told me I have to use to dogs and they are so friendly and will never hurt me.  She descdiscripes  them as something so cute and adorable invert the image on my mind about dogs like they are so vicious and smelly. Before we arrived she said the dogs will come to to smell me. She asked to not run away or feel scary , and she promises me nothing will happen to me. I felt more scary and nervous I wished if the road would be more longer.

When I arrived the first thing I heard was the dogs barking I felt scared because the noise was so loud and sharp. My cousins opened the door , and the dogs ran to me. I could not control my fear , so I ran away. The dogs were chasing me  and my cousins trying to control the situation. In the end my aunt put the dogs inside the room. In the reality the dogs were so small and fluffy, but I do not know why I felt that scared from their barking. In the end my aunt asked to be calm and do not ran away from them because she has to made me use to them. Because I will stay at their place for a week. they came to me again I controlled myself , and the funniest thing when I wanted to sleep I wanted to go upstairs to the bedroom. One of the dogs starts to bark like it told me to just stay in the living room. After that day I used to dogs and start to love them.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ineskrb says:

    I understand, my big brother has scare of dogs too ! 🙂

  2. judithdandan says:

    I am also scary of dogs. Hhowever, as human’s friend, most of them are very nice and adorable.

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