The Boring Task!

As an international student, living in NY is a challenging experience that teaches me many things one of which is doing laundry outside my apartment. In Saudi Arabia, we do not have self-service in laundromats, and even When I was living in Virginia, I did not use to do my laundry at the laundromat because I had a laundry machine at my apartment, so washing clothes was not a big deal.
For me, doing laundry is the most boring thing that cannot be escapade. Every couple week I must lose at least two hours in the laundromat. I will not forget the first time I went to a laundromat. It was not easy to use the machines there, so the week later I procrastinate washing clothes.
I faced some embarrassing incidents. For example, one day I went to the laundromat, I bought a machine card, I put it on the laundry machine, and pressed the start button. A few minute later, I found that I spent all my money on a wrong machine which was in service already.
Also, I found soap on the laundry machine, and I used it. After that, I discovered that it was for someone else. I thought that the laundromat provides soap for free for its customers, but I was mistaken.
Even though I do not like doing laundry outside the home, I am trying to like it because I want to enjoy every moment of this new experience.



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  1. Maysar Jabr says:

    I had this experience when I was in Boston for one year I cleaned my clothes in laundry room of the building but I don’t like it anyway so when I came to NY I chose apartment has laundry room inside.

  2. noufabdulla says:

    The hardest thing in US is wash your clothes in laundromats. It is too difficult for us because we did not used to do that in our country.

  3. reemkulaib says:

    Me too I don’t have a washing machine in my appointment. I wash my clothes in the laundry room at the same building. I’m not struggling with that because everytime I use at least 4 washer machines one for black clothes ,one for white clothes…etc, so I wash all my dirty clothes at the same time. Try to do that may could help.

  4. rabi80 says:

    At first it was a hard thing to do , but when you get used to it it becomes easy and fun to do.

  5. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    it is the same for me too. But what I do is that I give my basket to whoever works there and they do the whole thing I just pick it up and that’s it. That’s way easier.

    1. hajerotb says:

      I have not heard about this service Ghadeer!
      Next time I will ask about it. Thanks.

  6. jodyleylax says:

    You have been living a very lavish life dear, laundry in the apartment lol. It does take some getting use to, I remember my first time in a laundromat, it was so weird!

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