Do Good and Good Will Come to You

I literally believe on that quote. Every time I did something good for anyone even a small thing that can put a smile on someone face I feel so happy and joyful. Because I feel like I can effect someone life in a positive way. Three years ago I graduate from college , and I started to look for a job. That was the difficult part of my life because I didn’t want to accept any job opportunities offered to me. I wanted to have a  job matching my major and improving my skills. I was looking for that job , and I knew that it would not be easy to find a good job in a short time. Also, most of the companies are so competitive and so selective in choosing employees. I was sending my resume to lots of companies. I made many interviews , and contacted many people to help me find a job. During this period of time I went to a mall.  Out side the mall I saw a homeless little boy who was asking for some money. I felt sorry for his situation. I gave him some money , and I took him with me to did some shopping for him. I bought for him many clothes and other stuff. He was so happy  I could see the happiness on his eyes. I  gave him my phone number , and I asked him  to call me if he needs any help. I felt so good to help him, and change his face from miserable to a happy face. After two weeks later a company called me to do a job interview. I went to the interview and did my pest. Because I wanted that job it’s like a dream job for me. Then the same company called me after a week and said they accepted me I felt so excited and happy because finally I found the job that I was looking for. I remembered  the boy I helped and I linked with the job. I felt so happy because I helped the boy and change his life to better ,so that good now come to me. Especially, when I did the interview I saw many people applied for the same job. I felt proud of myself because I made it. Always remember that doing something good for other people will come to you later or sooner.

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  1. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    yeah!! I strongly believe in “what goes around comes back around” it is kinda similar!!

    1. reemkulaib says:

      exactly doing good for people always benefit you.

  2. kimberlyo1 says:

    That’s awesome. When you do good, good karma always comes back your way.

    1. reemkulaib says:

      you right In many situations when I do something good for people after awhile something good happen to me .

  3. noufabdulla says:

    God is generous, so keep doing a good thing, you will be happy in the end believe me.

    1. reemkulaib says:

      For sure doing something good even a small thing always make me feel good.

  4. jodyleylax says:

    Those are great words to live by, if more people thought that way, this would be an absolutely beautiful world.

    1. reemkulaib says:

      I agree with you, and I am happy to motivaied you to do the same thing because I believe that will benefit everyone.

  5. rabi80 says:

    couldn’t agree more, doing bad or good things to people will be paid back.

    1. reemkulaib says:

      For sure even bad things, but I wanted to focus more on good things

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