Its been two months since I moved here, i have been busy to get my self together. I got my apartment, and was busy looking for furniture and you know the story.. that it took me a month to get a couch with the color my wife agreed on.

Then came the school fun with its homework and readings, actually it took me a while to know how to get there. After that comes knowing the places,shops and restaurants around my place. Since I have a good friend, he was driving me around taking me every where and whenever I want even though he’s busy with school and family.

So I decided to buy a car, and started searching online and visiting car dealers. I forgot one important thing which was renewing my Driving License, I totally forgot all about it. Its been expired for about three years now. Got all my documents needed and went to the MVC, waited in a line for about two hours and finally my turn now. The guy told me give your papers so did, he took a look at them and said ” great this is easy its just a transfer it will take few minutes and you will be ready to go. I’m glad that was easy, so I went to the place where they take your picture and issue the license, the guy there took a look and told me stand on that line get ready for the picture. while I was on that line waiting he said “wait a minute” I said to my self ” oh crap” now what? this is expired showing me my old DL, you have to take both tests the computer one and the driving one too. Tried my best to convince him, that its only expired and that didn’t mean I forgot how to drive and I’m not issuing a new one and I already have my international DL.. That didn’t help at all, I had to take the computer test and you can guess yes I failed it.

The question is why? why do you have to retake it if its expired and passed the 90 days where you can renew it without tests? There should be a law that if you’re over 30 years old and already have a driving license and your records are clear they should renew it without tests.. Driving is a practice not a lesson learned, if you pass the test and don’t obey the laws and don’t drive carefully  whats the reason of the test?



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  1. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    hhhhhhhh:”) sorry to hear that!! well I hateeeee this process I am driving with my international DL and don’t know when am I gonna get one from here!! but it’s all because of the long process that they have and the waiting time..

  2. kimberlyo1 says:

    I absolutely feel you. I have been meaning to get my license but haven’t because of the stress to get one. It’s crazy how hard some states make the text while it easier in another one.

  3. noufabdulla says:

    Sounds bad, don’t give up, you have to try
    It’s a law and we should follow it. I was thinking to get DL, but now I do not.

  4. jodyleylax says:

    Well this is new to me, I never knew that you had to retake the test if it’s been a while. I guess it’s sort of punishment for not renewing it in a timely manner. Don’t stress it, you’ll pass it next time.

  5. reemkulaib says:

    It sounds so complicated to me , and you right people may do good in the test and then when they start driving they disobey the rules. Anyway I hope you you will pass the test next time.

  6. Maysar Jabr says:

    Because all this prosses I don’t want to drive I don’t have time to get myself together this semester

  7. rabi80 says:

    The problem is this is not a process done in every state

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