A Noble Mission !

We will never forget King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, and we all remember his words about the Saudi students.

“You are the ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you represent it through the clubs” 

This phrase gave me a vision and goal to establish a new Saudi club at NYIT to be the only Saudi club in Manhatten within 5 more clubs in New york state and one of 366 Saudi clubs around the USA branches by the Saudi government. I started to met Saudi students in my college ( NYIT ) and asked them to work together to be the club peculiar than others. Finally, we united for a noble mission to represent our country in the best possible way for the community of NYIT, international people, and our neighbors through participation in their national celebrations to have a better picture of our great nation, culture, tradition and civilization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, we would consolidate cultural and social interaction between Saudi students and American society.

With our guest Rayn Alhazmi, Abdullah Alsubiani, Abdulrahman Hariri from Saudi mission at UN, Hamza Khayat from Saudi council , my mother,Salah , and Naif Albarzan from my team

Then, we were to start with the first event ( Saudi Club Opening Celebration) to let all people know we are here we will do something for our country, we let Saudi students in NY and NJ we are here to help and support you as we can as all of us here as brothers and sisters.

This event was a great organizer because there were students have a responsibility to show their work to friends, professors, family, government, and etc. It was a hectic day, but we finally success because all of us work hard and there were students came from others place, international ambassadors and Students Government Association at NYIT. Although I promise all people on Twitter I will create their smile if they want to see Saudi Arabia in our eyes not like what they learn from media.

The event takes place in the remarkable place that is NYIT auditorium and achieves a great number that is more than 100 of attendance. Being a part of NYIT students, which has the greatest international community according to its geographical location value, will support us to achieve our goal so our club will be a window to Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, we started by the sacred book of Islam ( Quran Kareem ). then our National Anthem and everyone has to stand. NOW, it is my time to give a speech, it wasn’t a piece of cake, but I did it. In the other word, I’m proud because all my friends they support me and were looking for me to do the best as they hope. I never think in one day I would to stop and give a speech front more than 100 people, but I did it, it was a dream. My family, board, friend, professors wait this moment to see what I have to found a club here.  I deeply appreciate Dr. Banks for being our advisor and to gave a speech after me to support Saudi club.

At the event.  we gave our guest a card that has their name in Arabic. Also, they tried our Saudi snack that was Date, Lanbania ( kind of sweet) and of course Arabic coffee. We showed them a short documentary about the development in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the best two parts of our event were volunteer impact on society the speech was given by Dr.Rayn Alhazmi, and Saudi dance. I think everyone enjoys the moments. Finally, we had Arabic food for dinner.

I really don’t how to describe my feeling. Just I would thank 4ever all people who did a great job to achieve our goal.

For anyone couldn’t attend the event: Don’t miss our Saudi event next time.

Our traditional dance from the west region of Saudi Arabia
Tent, corner shooting

My best team
With our guest from Saudi Mission at UN and Saudi Council


11 Comments Add yours

  1. rabi80 says:

    That was a great and a successful night, proud of you guys you did an excellent job.

    1. Maysar Jabr says:

      Thanks Rabi you supported me on the right time

  2. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    wohooooooo.. WE DID IT:D.. and you did a remarkable job Meso<3

    1. Maysar Jabr says:

      Yes we did it and we wait for our next event.

  3. noufabdulla says:

    Proud of my friend as always ❤
    keep going we're with u.

    1. Maysar Jabr says:

      Nofa I never will forget you sentence one time in future I will start with it

  4. jodyleylax says:

    You look absolutely stunning, congratulations, I’m excited that you didn’t pass out during your speech!

    1. Maysar Jabr says:

      Thanks dear, Yeah it was a great moment for me

  5. reemkulaib says:

    I am so proud of you you did your speech in front of everyone. I really wished to be with you at that day but I’ll try to be there next events.

    1. Maysar Jabr says:

      You have to be with us next event or I will give you a HW to write out articles

      1. Maysar Jabr says:


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