Decission Changed Your Life!

I believe that there are some decisions can change people’s life. For me the most important decision that I have had is completing my master degree in the United States. Even thought It was not easy decision, I made it. This experience helped me to develop my knowledge and my personality.

I have lived in three states, so it was a good opportunity for me to learn about other countries, different food and cultures. I never had this opportunity before, so I gain a lot from this experience. also, this is the first time I experience living far away from my family, so I became more responsible and I knew how to manage my time.

Before living in the U.S., my English was not and it was impossible for me to communicate with non-Arabic speakers. After studying English courses, I finished the first novel in English which was” Alchemist”. Also, after months of memorizing English words, I finally watched a movie without subtitle. This was a great moment and I was proud of myself because I have not thought that I will be able to read a book in foreign language.

This was my story what about you? Have ever taken a decision that change your life?





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  1. noufabdulla says:

    Yes me too hajer, It has happened when I came to the US and I thought It’s difficult but after I stay here, It helps me in many things such as, I became independent and more awareness of bad things.

  2. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    Totally agree that is so difficult. To me I think my making decisions about my personal emotional life is the hardest.

  3. judithdandan says:

    Yes, there is no decision is easy for us to make. The most important decision I made by myself is taking journalism as my major which is my dream when I was a little girl who setting on the knee of my grandpa and watching news attentively.

  4. Maysar Jabr says:

    Chose you decision to study in the USA is a good opportunity to learn more about everything around the world because the USA is an immigrant country and it has many kinds of culture.

  5. jodyleylax says:

    I nod my head to you, you’re writing a blog post in English! Did you ever think that would happen? I’m sure if I tried writing a blog post in let’s say French, it would be really really bad lol but you are doing great! I believe that every decision that I make affects my life 100 percent so if it’s not filled with adventure than I don’t go for it.

  6. reemkulaib says:

    Me too Hajer that is the hardest decision I have ever taken, but in the end I proud we made it We are here studying and building our future.

  7. hajerotb says:

    It seems that we have taken the same decision:)

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