Muslims in the media

Yesterday the professor mentioned an example about Muslims and how the media impacts some Americans by News about Muslims and how they believe what the media said. In my opinion, These days are much better than before, they become more friendly with Muslims. I have seen many women at Times Square who is wearing Hijab since I came here and it looks normal here. For example, in the first week at school, one of my professors asked me about how do you see New York, and did you feel comfortable now when you have done with your apartment. I really appreciate him and appreciate his words, he said do not worry about anything here, we are a good people and If you feel uncomfortable because you are wearing Hijab at the school or outside just tell me, I will help you. Moreover, there are another thing for instance, they are smiling all the time in front of me, asking me If I need any help at the school or supermarket, saying hello to me every morning. In sum, I think nowadays people are more aware of the media more than before and what it said, not all of them pay attention to that. Maybe because they discover about the media and they lied to them! or is there another reason! I do not know.

What do you think about Media and Muslims, is it the same idea as before or Is there any changes?


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  1. reemkulaib says:

    Yeah I agree with you people are more aware those days than before. Especially the new generations. Social media also play vital role on that

    1. noufabdulla says:

      Yes Reem I saw that also, many people are aware this days more than before.

  2. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    well I really think what you said is true specially in mega cites with multi cultures society as NY. But I don’t think the same thing go for the other states. I guess wearing hijab in these kind of states will be hard. One of my friends was wearing hijab in Missouri and she was going home late night and then one guy started following her with his car and cursing her after that she took the hijab away just to be a way of all this. So basically it’s not the same everywhere.

    1. noufabdulla says:

      Ya Ghadeer but not all of them like that guy. I think this days the hijab became normal more than before. I saw many women from different countries especially at Time square wearing hijab and no one hurts them.

  3. jodyleylax says:

    I think people have definitely opened their eyes when it comes to the propaganda that some news spread instead of just reporting things. People have seen for themselves that we are all humans and we all need to help each other so the news can try but it will only affect certain people who don’t seek the truth.

    1. noufabdulla says:

      We all humans, and we should not hate or hurt anyone because his or her religion or his or her country.

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