Film Language

The recent hot topic is absolutely about the 89th Oscar Academy Awards ceremony, there is an interesting phenomenon that more and more actors from other countries are gradually nominated by Oscar committee. This is a positive trend, just as a member of the Hollywood community said at the ceremony: film, as one of art form, has no boundary any longer, it is a global community. I can’t agree more with that.

Film as a special language of our era, there is no doubt that film has certain attractive magic, to some extent, it delivers both feelings and emotions of our human being in a rather effective and atheistic way. In addition, it can explicitly convey meaning by visual language, sound and picture consist of primary elements of movie, every art form use its own original language to communicate with their targeting audience, for example, painting’s art languages are color and lines; in terms of music, the art language should be note as well as instrument. The question is which kind of art language is better to get audience involved contrasted with others? Which one is more dominate?  

From my perspective, all kinds of art language are equal even though they offer largely different tools and ways, art should be regarded as an inclusive group concept rather than an individually single one. Human being is ingenious to create a bunch of art languages to convey multiple complicated feelings making human being keep more creative and understandable, the way in which we convey our feeling indicates that human being probably is the most talented species on the plant, even though, genetic speaking, there is only 2% difference between us and the rest of species. According to that, we can make a prediction that human being also is the most sensitive and emotional.

I would like to share another story about myself, I remembered that when I was a little girl, theater is a holy place filled with happiness and magic for me, I can get lots of inspiration when I got there, not only from movie itself but also from public space (lobby, large screen) and audience. Sometime, even though, I did not catch general meaning of story, however, I was impressed by the action and emotion of the actors, when I got back home, I always imagining that how the plot will be. When I grow up, I called those kinds of memorable experience as art enlightenment, it is significant and necessary for me. In my point of view, art is a way by which you can realize environment and communicate with the world. Art is an abstraction of our life but extremely surpass it. Art is a language, a thought way, a form, an existence. 


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  1. reemkulaib says:

    When I read your blog I feel like you appreciate all kinds of arts. It’s like a language for you people can communicate with it. I think , people around the world have different opinions about arts.

    1. judithdandan says:

      In terms of art definition, it is a huge subject in literature. When I pursued my master degree in Communication University of China.I attended art theory class, only one question required by whole semester: what is art. Now, when I try to recall those theory, I still fell confused. Maybe we don’t have to explore an authoritative definition about art, paying more attention to art works is more meaningful.

  2. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    So deep what you wrote. I get emotional when I watch movies I feel that I am involved and after the movie ends I talk about it for an hour. Therefore, I think that what you said it’s true films conceder as a language that speaks to our hearts, minds and touch our feelings even sometime it describe our lives precisely.

    1. judithdandan says:

      When you were deeply touched by movie story or even cry for achievement or miserable destiny of protagonist. You maybe never aware that you have been a part of the film. The audience is a dispensable part of movie.

  3. jodyleylax says:

    I think it’s amazing that you loved the movies when you were younger and not just for the movie but the whole experience itself. Those thing resonate with you and does shape your future, wouldn’t you say so?

    1. judithdandan says:

      Absolutely yes. Those memorable experience has shapes my original view about world. It is also the reason why I am pretty addicted in art related things when I grow up.

      1. jodyleylax says:

        Keep on your path to make all your dreams come true, you loved it as a child and you’re doing it as an adult, that child version of you will think you’re a hero. 🙂

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