What’s your guilty pleasure?

Music speaks a language that only the soul understands. Whenever I’m in a particular mood, there’s always a song to make me feel like I’m not the only one dealing with whatever it is that I’m going through.

Pharrell made a very jolly tune in 2013 called ‘Happy’ that makes me want to take a stroll down the street and sing at my loudest volume. This song embodies euphoria and even though it can become very annoying after a while because let’s face it, no one is that happy all the time, I understand that he was in a very good place emotionally and that he only wanted to share it with the whole world.

Songs like John Mayer’sSlow Dancing in a Burning Room‘ resonates more intensely with my soul than Happy. I’m a sucker for the Blues and R&B music, the rhythm and lyrics takes me to a place where I would love to stay forever and bask in it’s glory, if given the chance. Slow Dancing in Burning Room is that song that whenever I listen to it, I get chills and I’m mentally transported to that room that he is singing about.

Music communicate to all of us differently and I know without a doubt that we all have that specific song/playlist ready to go whenever we need them, so tell me, what song or songs have a special place in your heart?

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  1. judithdandan says:

    I have the similar feeling about the music I love, I especially addicted to a Chinese singer, his name is LiJian, his song seems like has the magic which can make me happy and depressed varying from the song’ s emotional he wanna express. I would like to talk more about music with you face to face if you like. Thanks.

    1. jodyleylax says:

      Heck yea! I’d love to hear more about LiJian, I love all different genres of music and I wish to listen to them all.

  2. kimberlyo1 says:

    I share a similar feeling. I have different music for different moods. I have songs that I listen to when I workout, which consists of songs by 50 cents and drake. I also have songs I listen to when I’m sad like “If I were a boy”, I listen to that song a lot when I’m on my period and dying of cramps lol.

    1. jodyleylax says:

      Nice! That’s a very hip hop playlist to workout to! If I were a boy is a great song for what you use it for lol we all wish we were boys around that time lol

  3. noufabdulla says:

    I like many songs, but there are two of them that I like the most.
    Lovesong for Adele and Thinking out loud for Ed Sheeran

    1. jodyleylax says:

      I used to listen to Lovesong on repeat! I tend to do that when I fall in love with a song. Thinking out loud is a great song to dance to!

      1. noufabdulla says:

        Ya, I agree with u

  4. maysarjabr says:

    WOOOW two articles about musics at same week. I would say music is very important for our life

    1. jodyleylax says:

      Yes it certainly is important, just imagine a life without music, what would that be like?

      1. maysarjabr says:

        boring 😦

      2. jodyleylax says:

        I agree

  5. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    I can say that I go with the beat more than words so my favorite kind of music is Electronic. Listen to trndsttr (lucian remix) and let me know what do you think about it.

    1. jodyleylax says:

      Music is great without lyrics and then lyrics just transcends it, only if it’s a good beat though, if not then it’s a lost cause lol

  6. Jenny Carolina says:

    I love random music. I don’t have an specific playlist but gosh music is life….

    1. jodyleylax says:

      That is correct! Music is life!

  7. reemkulaib says:

    I strongly agree with you in this part ” Music communicate to all of us differently” . The funniest thing is I am listening to music while reading your blogs . Anyway I have a huge music list it has different songs depending on my mood.

    1. jodyleylax says:

      Give me at least two of the songs that you love listen to and I’ll listen to them!

      1. reemkulaib says:

        Those days I’m listening to Passionfruit and Break From Love

  8. jodyleylax says:

    I’ve never heard of them but I’ll look them up!

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