I am an Addicted!


No one knows the history of coffee, but it is said that there was a shepherd who discovered coffee because he realized that after his sheep ate from specific trees, they did not sleep at night. Even though it is a funny story, we are grateful for the shepherd because of his observation. What if coffee has not been found yet? How that will affect us?

 For me living without drinking more than one cup of coffee a day is so hard, and I know how it feels trying to be active and awake without drinking coffee.  I experienced not drinking coffee during fasting Month of Ramadan. It was a hard experience especially fasting here in the U.S. because I had to go to school the whole day and could not drink coffee. In that semester I struggled a lot to focus on my studying, but I felt that I could not be as active as I was before Month of Ramadan. Then I understand that I became an addicted to coffee. After that experience I decided to not take classes in summer terms because of Month of Ramadan and coffee. Also, the most thing I love in the U.S. since I came here is coffee. I found variety of private coffee shops, so I do not prefer Starbucks the most. Coffee RX one of many coffee places that I love. Everything there is amazing, the service, the atmosphere and the coffee. I spend a lot of time there studying and enjoying the coffee. I really recommended this coffee.

What about you? How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

Can you be active and awake without coffee?


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  1. Jenny Carolina says:

    I have also done a lot of fasting because I am Christian and I choose to fast something and GOSHHHH it really is a sacrifice. I never fasted from coffee but I have social media and other types of foods I eat on a daily basis.

    1. hajerotb says:

      yes Carolina, I heard about fasting in Christianity.
      I swear you can not be fasting from coffee:(

  2. judithdandan says:

    Wow, it is an interesting experience. As a Chinese, I grow up in an culture in which the majority of people regard tea as a necessarily healthy drink when they entertain guest as well as in common diet. Therefore, I tend to assume that tea in eastern culture is more healthier than coffee that may contains certain chemical element which is unhealthy. However, in some countries, U.S can be a good example, coffee is not only a popular drink but also a typical local culture just as than in China.

    1. hajerotb says:

      yeah I agree with what you said.
      There many popular drinks in the U.S., but I think American coffee is the most one.

  3. noufabdulla says:

    COFFEE & COFFEE, We will not get enough coffee in Ramdan 😦

    1. hajerotb says:

      hahaha. Thank God we do not have to take classes in Ramadan this year:)

  4. jodyleylax says:

    I HATE COFFEE!!! There i said it! I don’t drink coffee, I abhor the smell of it, it makes me feel like I want to throw up. I’ve been through so much without coffee that I truly believe people don’t need it but when you’re addicted to something it’s hard to function without it, that’s a problem I don’t want.

    1. hajerotbha says:

      Jody you are the fist person I’ve met here who hate coffee!!!!!
      How can you be active without coffee??
      Do you drink anything else instead of coffee?

      1. jodyleylax says:

        I drink tea sometimes (That’s non-caffeinated tea, just to clarify lol) but I think i’m just a naturally active person plus I take my vitamins 🙂

  5. rabi80 says:

    Coffee is my pleasure, I drink like 5-6 cups a day… my day starts with coffee actually

  6. hajerotbha says:

    5-6 cups a day would be too much for me

    2-3 are enough

  7. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    What’s so funny that this week one of my best friend came from cali and spent the whole weekend with me and she told me: Ghadeer when you wake up I don’t hear your voice until you have your coffee. which is so trueeee. I usually have 2 to 3 cups a day.

  8. hajerotb says:

    hahaha that is right Ghadeer.
    I drank the same amount:)

  9. reemkulaib says:

    I don’t like coffee It makes me feel like I want to throw up.I know it sounds weird to you. I prefer to drink something more fresh like cold fruit juice.

    1. hajerotb says:

      try to have coffee some days, a little bit does not hurt:)

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