Phobia can be confused with fear. Phobia is an irrational fear of an object specific, activity or situation. It’s constant and present in everyday life while fear is temporary.

I wanted to learn about the most frequent phobias to know if my phobia was common. This is not the case.

Phobias change from one country to another but here are the most common:

  • claustrophobia: the fear of small spaces
  • agoraphobia: the fear of open or crowded spaces
  • aerophobia: the fear of flying
  • hypochondria: the fear of germs and think every time to be sick
  • zoophobia (spiders and snakes, very popular) : the fear of animals

For my part, I am afraid… of pigeons! Yes, it’s ridiculous! We agree


This fear appeared when I was at my father’s house in Athens, Greece. He had a training that day, so with my aunt, we had decided to go for a walk and see the important monuments of this historic city. It was already very bad part, because we were lost after 20 min, for my defense, I was only 7 years back then. Moreover, we did not speak a Greek word so we quickly realized that it was necessary to take advantage of the present moment and that we will panic later. We then sat on a bench in front of a beautiful church. (Note that the pigeons are always in front of churches, why?). There was an old lady who was feeding the pigeons on a bench beside ours. As usual, at the time, I was running after the pigeons to fly away. Except that day, the old lady didn’t appreciate and threw me seeds. I had it all over the hair, and the pigeons came over my shoulders, on my head to eat. A traumatic memory and since then I can’t get close to them. For that, I have a lot of strategies. I’m able to change sidewalks regularly. I often use my friends as a human shield and when I don’t have anyone who can help me, I’ve been shouting on the street.

The worst part of this story is that I “succeeded” in conveying my fear to my big brother, my boyfriend, and my cousin. And this fear has grown with time, now I’m afraid of all birds (chickens, doves, gulls … everything). It is a true miracle that I survived 4 years in Paris.

What’s about you, what are your phobias?


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  1. hajerotb says:

    For me, I have acrophobia 😦 ,don’t see me in the airplane, I always panic in the first hour of flying. I can’t control my self:(
    even my daughter more brave than me:(

    1. ineskrb says:

      I so understand , my mother has the same phobia ! She doesn’t take the plane for 15 years

  2. Jenny Carolina says:

    When I went to Milan there were a bunch of pigeons in front of this super famous church (the name escapes me). There were these men that were trying to get tourists to pay to take a picture by having the pigeons stand all over them. I love birds but the whole time I was worried about catching some weird disease from them. I did it anyway, it was fun to say the least.

    1. ineskrb says:

      In Italia, there are too much pigeons !!! I went to Venetia Once, on the place St Mar Just horrible

      1. Jenny Carolina says:

        lolz so true

  3. judithdandan says:

    It indeed exist some rational Phobia in our life, maybe it can be cured with psychological way. For me the most horrible thing is claustrophobia, when I was 12 years old, I usually took bus went to school,I remembered that one day the bus was so crowed and after I stepped into it I started to shake and even could not breath any more. It is a terrible experience for me, after that, I just avoid any small space even a room without a window is also a challenge for me.

  4. jodyleylax says:

    That old lady that threw the seeds on you was a jerk! She successfully scarred you for life! I’m sorry to hear that your phobia has grown, birds are such majestic creatures, except when they feel like using you for a toilet. I personally don’t think I have any phobias, there are some things that I really dislike but I’ll admire them from a distance, snakes being one of those things.

    1. ineskrb says:

      Yes she is, like a witch ! They never use me as a toilet yet, I pry every day 😉

      1. jodyleylax says:

        Count yourself lucky in that case lol

  5. noufabdulla says:

    I have a phobia of dark places such as, I can not sleep without light
    and sometimes high places.

    1. ineskrb says:

      I completly understand but personally I can’t sleep with lights

  6. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    So funny I kept imagining the sceen :p too me I hate baby dolls I can’t be in a room with them

  7. reemkulaib says:

    If I were in your place I would be scary too lol . Anyway, I have acrophobia I feel dizzy in high places. Also, I have phobia from swimming in the sea because I get injured twice before. Right now I am trying to overcome those fearing

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