The Fairy Tale with a Monster

I am try to writing a fairy tale with a terrible monster which is playing a significant role in our daily life.

%e5%b1%8f%e5%b9%95%e5%bf%ab%e7%85%a7-2017-02-19-%e4%b8%8b%e5%8d%884-35-08Once upon a time, there is a small ancient town located in central area of earth with around 3,000 citizens, they live in small houses with colorful wall and roof. Because the environment reason they do not have powerful physical ability to resist monster, even though they are not wealthy, when it comes to difficulties, the citizen always get together and find ways to deal with. It is an amazing community with united and generous people. Every Friday night they usually hold party to celebrate certain wonderful thing happened in the past week, if there is somebody need help, all the citizen will try their best to come up with some solutions, the female has a special community which as an important part of the whole town, they always get together to talk with each other and learn something fresh.

One day, there is a stranger who got lost in the forest and saved by the old leader of the town, all the citizen are curious about the man who looks largely different from the native  including the clothes as well as way of communicating, people just noticed that the man usually talk to a small cube, what’s more, the cube can also talk to him as a response, so the citizen just to find the similar thing to learning the way like the man; sadly, the wooden cube doesn’t work as the special and amazing one, the man just feel funny when he saw the citizen’s action, so he decided to change this small town with the tool without permission.

One night later, when the city wakes up, all the houses are connected with colorful lines, the man talked to the citizen, those lines can help them get to another land which is total different one with abundant food and fashionable clothes, so those citizens are eager to try that, only the old leader are hesitate and worry about, he comes back to his house and sighed depressingly, eventually, all the citizen has gotten to the new world expect him. Couples days later, the son of the leader came back and told him that most of the citizen has die because of those line, because they can’t get used to new life style, when the citizen come to the new world they are changed by those lines and started to get mad with all fresh things, the leader stare at his son and start to cry.

Wow, maybe this is not good way to tell a story without a happy ending, but the point is clear, what I want to say is, just as a film city of the god, original order of the city just broken down by a plastic bottle, the same case happened in this small town, how ridiculous and crazy the world is. Where is the city of the god? where is city of man?  what’s the difference between them, according to Aristotle, the city of the god should be filled with intelligence rather than innocence in the city of the man, but the things have sharply changed when it comes to the media. 

What’s the media, Marshall Mcluhan, said, media can be everything, even a table, a tree, a book, generally speaking, the media always be limited in a certain frame package with internet, TV, newspaper, magazine …

Media is also a way to think about the world, in other words, certain media can influence the way you think and that way you act. For example, the same thing you get from different platforms always with different insights, however, media usage is an overwhelming trend, even though, there indeed exists some potential risks which is become more and more obvious and powerful, on the other hand, media also create a wonderful world and extra virtual space for human being, the small town can be distorted, at the meantime, it also can be built. By the way, there is an interesting idea I got from the book the power if the myth, the history can be brought back because of the media, as a global media citizen, I always think about the prospect of the media, let’s imagine that what the world will be decades later, maybe we can’t even imagine, but the positive attitude is required, media can be everything, media also can be nothing if there is good way you utilize that.


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  1. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    The first thing that I learnt in my first year in the communication major is that the media is a weapon with two sides so we should be so careful while using it. But I totally agree with you that media will bring many new things in the future..

    1. judithdandan says:

      Thanks for your kind response. Media as a subject that has shaped our way of thinking, sadly, until now, we do not constitute a rational and mature communicational system.

  2. jodyleylax says:

    Without media, there would be no knowledge. Media has changed over the years from book to now a small screen in your hand but it have always been used as a source for knowledge.

    1. judithdandan says:

      Thanks for your reply, I agree with your opinions, no one can deny critical role of the media, but we should know by which we can use it better, if we are arrested by media,I do not think we will embrace a good technologic future.

  3. reemkulaib says:

    people can be easily addicted to media , so we have to be more careful and put some limit when we using it. I am not talking about people who use media in a useful way because those people are taking the advantage of media.

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