According to wikipedia, the point of no return: « is the point beyond which one must continue on one’s course of action because turning back is physically impossible, prohibitively expensive, or dangerous. »

For me, the point of no return is not only the action that you can never play again, it’s more the moment when you realize that all your life will be upset. There are several examples, such as when you learn that you have been pregnant for more than 3 months and that it wasn’t necessarily desire. The moment you learn that your boyfriend is deceiving you. The point of no return is not always fatalistic. You can also take the example of a contract. Once the contract is signed, you can’t go back. But most of the time when the expression “point of no return” is used, it always evokes sadness and the end of the world.

I wanted to discuss today the point of no return for the simple reason that I am afraid to face it in a future. There are people who can be forgiven for everything, like grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, best friends. I often ask myself until or at least until when our love is strong enough to face everything?

A few months ago, my father told me he was engaged. So far nothing very annoying, except that his “fiancée” at only 4 years older than me … is already less shining. You have to add up to that, I’ve only seen her 3 times in my life. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for my father that I didn’t know her. Since then, when I arrived in New York, he made allusions to the children, to his future children. Yesterday, he sent me a message that he would come to the United States to announce something that he wasn’t said on the phone. I think this “something” is a human being called a fetus. My father is a very unusual person, he is well known in Europe, which can make me think that a woman can marry him for bad reasons. Learning that he is going to have a child with such a young woman is my point of no return. It is the moment when his life is no longer connected to mine and where his choices are no longer in harmony with my values. In my case, the best solution I have found and that I intend to apply is to no longer be part of his life in any form. Is it a selfish choice? surely.

But ask you that it is your point of no return? Especially when it’s the others who make choices that affects you? Are you a viewer or an actor?

Finally, I think the point of no return determines who you want to be.


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  1. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    alking about the point of no return is so deep and I also think that each one of has has different opinion about that. However, I have a small tip for you with family we have no (point of no return) you may disagree with me but I think we should always get back and forgive our family because they are our Family!!

    1. ineskrb says:

      I completely agree with you regarding forgiveness for the family. A family represents the people closest to you and even if they do not necessarily understand their choices, they accept them. I consider my relationship with my father very fragile and different. It is not disrespect to him to say that he was absent, and that he made all his life choices for his own existence. I forgave him thousands of choices. That’s why I’m talking about no return. It is now up to him to forgive my choice.

  2. jodyleylax says:

    When it comes to family, it’s always a hit and miss. I think you shouldn’t cut him off because of the possibility of a younger sibling, if you’re going to cut him off let it be something more serious than that. If he talks to you then he considers you important, whenever that changes then you have all right to cut the cord.

  3. judithdandan says:

    I can completely understand what you want to say, nut my point is that you probably not agree with. In terms of your father’s choice, that is his life, we should respect that, what’s more, no one can affect him by any rational or emotional cause, he has the basic freedom to operate his life. The concept of the return that is the most frequent utilized way when people talk about the fate in China, return includes the meaning of forgiving, to some extend, when we know we have the return opportunity that means we could not should the responsibility any more.

    1. ineskrb says:

      I fully understand your point of view, that’s why I decided to talk about it in this article for your opinions. I know it’s his choice and it’s his future life. But it’s not mine. This is the only solution I found at the moment. If I can live with his choices, he can totally live with mine.

      1. lonelyfatbeard says:

        I have experienced that with time everyone understands the true thought behind the choice one made when the time called for it, and it takes a brave heart to take decisions. I never regret being honest to myself.

  4. Jenny Carolina says:

    Ines, girl I know the struggle. My dad just had my little sister 1 year ago. So my baby sister is 1 years old right now. At first I felt really betrayed by him. But In reality, that shouldn’t get in the way of our relationship. The way I see it, is this: My father is an independent man with his own life apart from mine. I am an independent woman with my own life apart from his. Although we will both make decisions that can hurt each other, I have to just let it go because none of that can get in the way with my relationship with him. My father is priceless and our relationship is priceless. I know it is so hard to make decision relating to families. But ultimately as long as he loves me and I love him, nothing else should matter.

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