Which one is the most popular Elsa or barbie?

kendaIn front of Disney store, she was crying, and asking for a new Elsa’s dress. Even thought her room is of Elsa’s stickers, toys, and notes, she always persists to get new Elsa’s products. This is my 4 years old daughter Kenda.

I really wonder how Disney’s princess Elsa has made a lot of fans around the world? even more than Barbie’s fans!

Little girls from different ages have become obsessive of this cartoon characters!

However, I think the main reason that makes Elsa’s fans have grown is the story of the movie .It is unique and incredible. Also, the movie’s imagination and songs are beautiful, so the movie attracts not only young girls but also adults.

In contract, Barbie is not desirable as Elsa. Recently, Barbie dolls are not the most popular toys as a gifts for holidays  because princesses Elsa and Anna have become number one. According to Time.com, the National Retail Federation reported a survey that said,” one in five parents say they plan to buy Elsa and Anna merchandise for their daughter, the NRF’s survey found just 16.8% plan to buy Barbie dolls”.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, Disney’s Frozen toys are more popular than Barbie’s toys according to Cinema Blend that published survey from US Today.

Finally, I think Elsa’s sales have increased not because Disney company advertised the products with effective and different way but because young fans loved it, and the idea of the ice queen who has power to control the snow, what makes all those girls love Elsa and every products is related to it.







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  1. noufabdulla says:

    I like Barbie more Hajer 😀

    1. hajerotb says:

      Me too Nouf. Girls in our generation love Barbie, but little girls now prefer Elsa more than Barbie. I think if Elsa were in our childhood, we would have loved it.

      1. noufabdulla says:

        Ya I agree

  2. jodyleylax says:

    I’m an Elsa fan all the way, she’s such a inspiration and a badass! Barbie can’t even cook! I personally think, and this is from experience, that Elsa is way more viral that Barbie. Just imagine walking though downtown Tokyo and a guy drives up the street blasting ‘Let It Snow’ how awesome is that?

    1. hajerotb says:

      That’s right Jody! honestly I became an Elsa fan too as well as my daughter. I think the moviemaker made it to be attractive for all ages.

  3. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    Though I love barbie the most and I had around 50 once when I was a kid but Elsa is amazing. I am 24 now and my sister in 19 but we always feel that we are Elsa and Anna. Whenever we see the movie or anything about them we remember each other. I really think what made this movie different is the new scenario of the two beautiful sisters. Actually for few months I had Elsa’s picture as a background in my phone and my sister had Anna’s picture in her phone and whenever we put our phones next to each other it look like a one picture. thats enough I would talk about them for days:p

  4. hajerotb says:

    yup Ghadeer the scenario of the movie an amazing. You know my daughter and I always do the same she is Elsa and I am Anna:)

  5. Elsa rules! There’s no contest. Sorry, Barbie.

    1. hajerotb says:

      Barbie loses when it comes to Elsa rules 🙂

  6. reemkulaib says:

    I think each generations has their favorite doll. Back days we were prefer Barbie. I remeber I was like your daughter Kinda crying to have new stuff for my Barbie. Now the generations prefer Elsa. I personally love Elsa and the songs in her movie.

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