Women and Sport.

Usually men are interested in sports more than women especially in the soccer game. In my country some women do not like the sports at all and many of them do not like to even watch it, they are not interested in that. I born in a family which is interested so much in this sport. My father learned us how to play soccer and what the rules for this game. and he did not make any difference between boy and girl. For example, when I was 7 years old, he bought me shoes and told me you have to wear this kind of shoes only If you want to play soccer with your brothers. However, that is not possible in our society or our culture for women to play soccer until now. They watch the game with their family but they do not know the details such as, the rules for the game, the logo for each team, names of players, how they get points, Are they play for league? and many questions. moreover, My friends always say to me you are not a man to keep watching this games every week! In my opinion, soccer is sport like all the rest of sports and there is no differences between soccer and another games. We can watch it and play as we want and It is not exclusive for men only. and I really need to change their thoughts about women and sports. In the end, Do you think Is it possible that sometimes women like watching or playing soccer or any sports more than men?


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  1. hajerotb says:

    Don’t listen to them Nouf. I am a big fan of sport like you. By the way, what is your favorite soccer team I’m Saudi?

    1. noufabdulla says:

      Al-ahlii Fan ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    YOU GO GIRL!! I really like soccer and I am a big fan of Real Madrid. seeing girls interested in soccer makes me feel happy;P

    1. noufabdulla says:

      That’s cool, me too I like Real Madrid more than Barcelona ^_^ ❤

  3. judithdandan says:

    I also noticed the similar case existing in my country—China, but in my mind, I do not think that it is a problem if women are not involved in general sports. The nature of the sport is exercise and move your body and make it healthier, generally speaking, the man are more willing to participate in competitive activity contrasted with women dating back to original period of human beings because of the different social demand and body physical construction, all of these elements simulate the man to become more active in the sport court, but things has changed deeply specially in nowadays, when it comes to sports, the generally understood meaning of it is not related to species or tribe, there should not a boundary between man and woman. Thanks.

    1. noufabdulla says:

      In other countries, there are no difference between them, all of them play and together.

  4. reemkulaib says:

    I think the problem in Saudi Arabia the society there circulate soccer among men more than women because of that you feeling that people look at you differently when they know you are big fans of soccer teams. Anyway don’t listen to anybody just do what you see it’s right.

    1. noufabdulla says:

      Exactly Reem I agree with you, our society is the reason and sometimes the family is.

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