Zombie Casual – Are we there yet??

This was a hell of a lucky week. The weekend dropped right on the thursday, with the heavy snow. I mean what more could we ask for with the time bomb ticking on this weekly blog. So i decided to start working on it first thing after having a healthy breakfast and knock it out in one hour. …Cut to the evening i had successfully utilized the whole free day, thanks to the fresh powder all throughout the city and binge watched the first season (not a big achievement as it was just 10 episodes) of the new Netflix original Santa Clarita Diet.

Santa Clarita Diet, is what they are calling not a new zombie show, nor a new California-real estate couple show, even though it appears to be. The show stars  a couple played by Sheila – Drew Berrymore and Joel – Timothy Olyphant, who have a daughter played by Liv Hewson, facing a once in a life time opportunity to nurture a domestic zombie – or as they prefer “undead”.

The story begins with establishing a monotonous routine life of this couple who have been a high school love couple, and are now working together as realtors in Santa Clarita and have a real typical teenage daughter.  One such average day in the couples life is disturbed with sheila having a huge projectile vomit incident which stops with her throwing up a red ball like thing. Since this incident sheila has heightened senses and has a strong will to live life to its fullest and in admits of all the excitement of her new found zeal  for life, she casually ignores the fact that she has no heart beat!! In addition she loves eating raw meat and only raw meat.  With the help of their geek neighbor kid, they conclude that sheila is a zombie, and she is HUNGRY for FLESH!! specifically human flesh .From here on the couple decide to kill people who deserve to die and wont be missed by others to feed sheila. The show has amazing realistic CGI work, which is gory  for audience who don’t have a stomach for it. Along with the kill streak adventure journey they are also attempting to discover a cure for the un-dead state, which involves many obstacles as well as funny moments.

The show during production had a big buzz as it is yet another come back for Drew Berrymore, and it in many ways does stand up to the expectations of hardcore fan base, as you see her in almost every scene; the story revolves around and develops with her and she manages to keep it funny while sipping on a human  smoothie. However, for people from the 90’s, like me, it hard to over coming the Drew from her Charlie’s Angel days, but she still is the most charming ever.

I my opinion the show suggests a very unique scenario, which could be a plausible circumstance before a zombie virus outbreak. Also the mystery of how the zombie virus start or how did sheila become un-dead is an interesting cliff-hanger for the first season. But, however i am not sure if we are ready as an audience to accept a family, that can be OK with the killing and eating humans!??

I guess that will be answered only with the release of season two.





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  1. jodyleylax says:

    Drew Berrymore can play a tree in a movie and she would still be charming. The concept for this show is very interesting and brings up a lot of questions especially for us who live in a zombie crazed era and can probably tell you the most effective ways to kill a zombie. Questions like, how is she still functioning? Isn’t her only desire in life to acquire brains? I’m intrigued to read about the second season, if you do blog about it.

    1. lonelyfatbeard says:

      So true about Drew:) Yes there is too much blood and flesh but she doesn’t look violent even with blood stained mouth, may be that’s coz we love her so much.
      And the daily life functions by her character have be handled will in the script. It’s like an early on stage so she is just addicted to human flesh and not the brain specifically and if she doesn’t get enough she gets aggitated and uncontrollably attacks human, but it’s shown very subtly. Another interesting part is that her body will deteriorate gradually so they have to find a cure for that too…. keep look for this space to know what season 2 unveils.

  2. kimberlyo1 says:

    I actually saw the show while scrolling through Netflix a few days back. I did not realize it was a zombie show/ Reading how to talked about this show made me want to my own Netflix binge-watch session. I always thought Drew Barrymore was a very funny woman. I enjoyed watching a lot of her movies like He’s not that Into You, 50 first dates. However I always thought she was more of a RomCom actress, I never saw as someone that would be in a zombie show. I am interested to see id she’s is still going to be able to keep her viewers connected with her in the Season 2.

    1. lonelyfatbeard says:

      OMG @kimberlyo1 you just mentioned one of my favorite romcoms of all time. 50 first dates is the best movie in my opinion from Drew Berrymore as well as Adam Sandler. And the show doesn’t feel like a zombie show plus Drew plays a very cool honest and just zombie so I feel we like her as a Zombie too!!
      But may be the zombie under tone becomes more prominent with season 2. Who know if we are even ready for it ??!

  3. reemkulaib says:

    I watch Santa Clarita Diet in my friend place. I was doing my homework in the living room and everyone in the room were watching and laughing. I didn’t understand anything then I started to watch it everytime I feel bored.

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