What Would You Do If ?!

Last week on a very cold Saturday morning, all out of a sudden  I kind of woke up on a noise it sounded like an alarm.I wasn’t sure is it my phone? no this is much louder! I remember that sound I’ve heard it before, but that was long long time ago.  That was twenty years ago when I was at school..by the way I’m not that old. I kind of remember that when I was in 5th grade our principle came and told us that we are going to have visitors from our Fire Department, and they are going to teach us what to do in case of a fire  and have a small practical experiment. So they came and imagine kids  and having their hero’s at school, every body was thrilled. They came and gave us a lecture about fires and what to do..what I remember was just a flash all I can hear was just like: leave everything behind and run as fast as you can to the nearest exit. As a kid you will do what you have been told and only that. Now I’m  awake and I know for sure that this sound is from the fire alarm. Confusion is at sight at that moment, I am in my comfy clothes and it’s freezing out side. What to do?? this was the only thing on my mind, should I run as been told at school? should I change my clothes? should I get at least my wallet and an ID? Now its a matter of survival and our human instinct to survive.  Did they exaggerate about the whole thing? all these thoughts were in seconds it sounded long. So I grabbed a coat and wallet and actually ran to the nearest exit..the fire fighters were here and after a while they told us it was a false alarm. Came back to my apartment thinking what if this wasn’t false…. What would you do?!

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  1. jodyleylax says:

    I consider you to be very lucky! Lucky in the sense that it’s been twenty years since you’ve heard a fire alarm, those things are annoying!! But in your state of panic you actually did something good, you grabbed your identification and a coat to keep you warm. Whether you’re annoyed, like I usually am whenever a fire alarm goes off and I know for sure that there’s not a fire, or in panic mode, you should always have a small bag stashed away with change of clothes, money and essentials for emergencies like that, it takes the ‘oh crap! I forgot something’ out of situations where you have to get up and run.

  2. Jenny Carolina says:

    Believe it or not, I have actually been in that situation at least 3 times. One of my favorite false alarms was this one time in a hotel in Spain during a school trip. My roommates had taken a shower in boiling hot water at 3 am in the morning for at least 2 hours. Apparently we broke one of the pipes and steam started spreading into the room until the alarm went off. So imagine 50 high schoolers in the middle of spain at 3 am in the morning running down the stairs trying to get to the lobby, just so I could break the news to them and tell them that my roommate took a shower for too long. You can only imagine how pissed everyone was at the people in room the following day.

    1. reemkulaib says:

      That so funny I cannot imagine their reaction after finding out the reason.

  3. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    If I was in this situation I would be extremely scared. But I think you did the right thing when you took your wallet and ID because you never know what will happen after.

  4. reemkulaib says:

    I experiance the same situation last year at 3am the weather was so cold and the fire alarm start I felt scaried because that was the only time the security for the building checking every floor to make sure everyone is out from the apartments, but in the end there was nothing.

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