A Movie Uncovers Feudalism

This is my first blog, I would like to share a Chinese movie I watched two days before. The movie named Ju Dou was directed by Zhang Yimou, the most talented one among the fifth generation directors, who is so expert in describing Chinese traditional culture through representative story of ordinary person.

Ju Dou was adapted from a novel—- FuXi FuXi,  as the first Chinese movie nominated for best foreign language  movie in Oscar, Ju Dou tells us a story happened in 1920s, a small town located in the middle area of China, Yang Jinshan, the owner of a dyeing house, who married to the second wife Ju Dou in order to have a son to inherit his wealth; however,  Ju Dou is pretty younger than Yang and doesn’t love him at all,  then she fells in love with Yang’s adopted son Tian Qing and gives birth to Tian Bai in expectation, who is a son of Tian Qing rather than Yang, when Tian Bai grows up, he kills his father Tian Qing and destories all heritage passed from generation to generation.

The subject of this movie is Feudalism that is a sensitively everlasting topic because of a special history period. Not only in China, but also in the most countries, feudalism society is too conspicuous to ignore. In terms of conventions as well as regulations, it varies from country to country. In traditional Chinese culture, generally speaking, male have a series of priorities contrasted with female, exactly in this way,  people prefer to have a son rather than daughter who don’t have inheritance right.

In my pint of view, The most miserable role in this movie is Yang who had been influenced by feudalism, on the one hand, he can not revolt and alter, unfortunately, he dares to do that, the only thing he can do is to be a victim, a common man be deprived of  equality, liberty even dignity. However, during that period, people seems like don’t have the awareness of reflection, they tend to obey and defender of obsolete rules that had shaped them. From my perspective, the most terrible part of feudalism is not itself, is the people it had shaped in a feudal frame.

When I read the history book in middle school, it says like that:”Feudalism can eats man without blood.” I can not understand at that time, after then, I try to get more practical experiences and do some readings to expend my understanding towards the whole world. The most impressive points I got from the world is reality is not what they shows in front of your eyes, reality seems like a mysterious hole you need to explore consistently with your encourage, logic, curiosity as well as emotion. What’s more, it is a process to know the world.


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  1. jodyleylax says:

    This movie sounds very interesting, it reminded me of the Chinese movies I used to watch when I was younger. It is sad that the goal was to have sons because all they saw women for, then and still now, is to clean and have babies.

    I also agree with your perspective, “The most terrible part of feudalism is not itself, is the people it had shaped in a feudal frame.” People as a whole tend to cower away from revolting once their spirit has been broken, that’s what the leaders did flawlessly.

    1. judithdandan says:

      Thanks for your kind response. I agree with your valuable opinion that power of the leader is strong comparing to the common one’s all the time. However, the condition in the movie has changed and disappeared gradually, It is a irresistible trend for both a country and whole world unless they want to be discarded by the flow of the progress things, eventually, the history gonna proof that some stories happened before would become a part of history and never come up again. By the way, it my pleasure to recommend some Chinese movie If you are interested in.

  2. ghadeeralsh4 says:

    It is really interested to watch these kind of movies. I really haven’t seen any Chinese movie before. but I think the story is dramatic in an amazing way.

    1. judithdandan says:

      Thanks for your kind response, as you know, China has a large population, it indeed has lots of stories like this, unfortunately, there are few people able to tell those stories in a good and acceptable way towards the world.

  3. reemkulaib says:

    The movie seems very interesting and I feel I wanna watched it. I watched old Chinese movies before and all of them reflect different Customs and cultures.

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