Sleepy Hollow – TV Show

If you love the movie of Sleepy Hollow the movie, you’ll definitely love this TV show with three seasons. Sleepy Hollow is actually a TV show based on the famous story of two main characters: Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant Abigail Mills.

After being injured during a war, and put in a sleeping spell, Ichabod Crane wakes up two centuries after the events and meets Abigail Mills. With the help of Ichabod Crane, she will face the dark forces and fight with him the Horseman of Death also named the Horseman headless. With the help of Abigail sister, Ichabod Crane as Tom Mison, Abigail as Nicole Behave and Jenny Mills are going to fight not only the Horseman of death but also other dark force that are threatening the world and try to begin an apocalypse.

As a real TV Show lover, I am fond of this show because the main characters are so funny, especially Ichabod Crane with his British accent, and his manners from two previous centuries. You’ll understand that this TV show is not to miss, I highly recommend it, maybe not for a certain child who is around 9 years old but since we are in a Master Class, everybody in it can see it. Enjoy 😉


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