One of the most historical area in Beijing, Hutong

I come from Beijing. This city has a 850 year-old history. Five empire regard Beijing as the capital. The old Beijing culture is the essence of Beijing custom. After a long historical period of the national culture, Beijing formed a unique traditional culture.From a point of view, it is our old beijingers totem.


S.E.Rasmussen, a Danish architect and urban planner said, “Beijing is one of the wonders of the world,the height of a great civilization”. Hutongs are not only an important part of the old Beijing culture, it is a big part of the city. it appeared after Beijing became the capital of the yuan dynasty. The emergence of the city is a sign of social development. Therefore, also took down the vicissitudes of history, the change of time. It is not only became a part of city traffic network and urban landscape. The vigorous  architectural characteristics are also support the culture of the whole city. These hutongs is very quiet, pure and fresh. When i walked among hutongs, it made me forgot the busy and noisy street. Hutongs were the shelter of old Beijingers, and it also placed their feeling.


I am a new Beijinger. Hutongs are strange for me, but also familiar. I never have a chance to live inside Hutong. But i often went there, and looked at watched it. Each nation has its own traditional culture, i still love my hometown. Beautiful Hutong.




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  1. Wennie says:

    Old Beijing culture will remain, when i was small, I lived in a Hutong’s house, although Beijing has been changed a lot, but i believe most of Beiing people remember our childhood, what beijing was like many years ago.

  2. rrsn says:

    Never been to China, Beijing seems so beautiful! Your pictures are great

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