Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Last week, I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. It’s a Harry Potter saga spin off, and it was also written by the very famous British J.K.Rowling. In my opinion, you must see it before it disappears from theaters.

The story takes place in 1920’s in New York where the laws of Magic are totally different from what we know in Harry Potter saga. Muggles don’t mix with wizards or witches back then. Newt Scamander, a beasts collector, is going to live beautiful adventures with a muggle (Jacob Kowalski), also called in America a No-Mag.

© Agence Bestimage Eddie Redmayne
© Agence Bestimage Eddie Redmayne

When he arrives from England to New York, Newt Scamander interpreted by the famous Eddie Redmayne has some accident with his luggage where he keeps his Fantastic creatures: he exchanges his luggage with a Muggle. Without paying attention, the muggle opens the suitcase and releases those beasts. Newt Scamander realized that and has to catch again those beasts that escaped from this suitcase.

The movie was released on 16th, November 2016. If you want to go to a Theater, and watch this beautiful movie directed by David Yates, now will be the time. Hope you are going to enjoy this movie as I did. Wish you a good theater time. See you 😉


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