DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow – TV Show

If you don’t know what to do tonight, and you want to watch something new on TV. Well, if you love science fiction and the DC Comics universe, you are going to love Legends Of Tomorrow.

After he watched the future, Rip Hunter the master of time from the 22nd Century, he decides to create a group of super heroes in order to find an immortal villain who is going to destroy his world in the 21st Century. This super hero team has: The A.T.O.M, White Canary (previous called Black Canary), Captain Cold, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Heat Wave.

© Copyright IMDB.com
© Copyright IMDB Brandon Rough

In this TV show, you’ll recognize two or three faces: Wentworth Miller as the Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave from Prison Break. Also, we can recognize Brandon Routh as The A.T.O.M who also played the role of Superman in Superman: Returns in 2006.

This TV show just began last year and have done so far two seasons. There is also a crossover episode between Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash that aired two weeks ago. If you don’t know about those TV shows and you want to know more about them, don’t hesitate to read my previous articles.

Hope you’ll have a very good evening, don’t eat too much pop corn. See you 😉


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