My Second Hometown “The City of Adelaide”

Processed with Rookie Cam

How time flies! The end of this term is around the corner that reminds me last year at this time, I was graduated from my uni and ready to leave Adelaide, a place I will never forget. I believe everyone has a beautiful memory which deep in heart and irreplaceable, and this is the one in my heart.

Photography by Wennie

Adelaide filled with my best youth, it is a lovely, beautiful but multicultural city in Australia which also be called one of the most liveable cities in the world. You can always feel the fresh air, see the blue sky, white clouds, flowers and plants. Sometimes a koala could appear on a tree in the suburb. It has tropical weather, that I spent my every Halloween, Christma s and Thanksgiving in a hot Summer.

People who live in there are free and relaxed, that kind of slow and leisurely life is totally different from New York and Beijing. If my home toilet is broken, it can take two weeks to be fixed by an Adelaide’s repairman. Besides, all shops are closed at 6 pm except Friday until 9 pm, Australian like spend more time with their family? We’d like to call there a “lonely plant” because it’s just so quite and peaceful.

Photography by Wennie

Although it’s not a big city as NYC or Beijing, I still could find all my favourite food, some even more delicious than NYC’s. Like my best love Pho, Crispy pork & Roast duck and Italian Risotto, etc! Besides, there was a German town called  Hahndorf around the city, I used to go there on weekend or holiday, just can’t forget the most delicious restaurant Hahndorf Inn! You can find farms(especially an Alpaca farm, Australian people can buy a pet small lama in there!!! :D) , shops, and the best German platter served with sausages rolls and pork hock with beers, miss there so much!

Photography by Wennie

Sometimes when I was unhappy, Glenelg beach would be the best place for me, to saw the sea sight could make me feel much better and happier.

Photography by Wennie

Every year, Adelaide also has different market’s events or festivals.

Photography by Wennie

Another place I can not forget is my uni, the University of Adelaide. It’s my honour to study there and to complete my degree in there. One of the best things for me in my Australian life is to study in this school and met my best friends, professors, I’ve learned not only knowledge but also the way how to think problems and solve problems, so I can quickly adapt with my school works in nyit. After came here, I found few differences between American and Australian educations, all I have learned is help me improve more on my school and self-study.

Photography by Wennie

It’s certainly a wonderful place for study and living, but after graduated, most of my friends left there for their dreams and went to other cities, goodbyes made me sad but not forever. I decided to come to NYC to pursue my future study and a different lifestyle. I know that no matter how I love this city, there always a time when I have to say goodbye in my life.


I know “The best is yet to come”.





8 Comments Add yours

  1. mengyangmoomoo says:

    i think who would like quiet place that they will like this peaceful city. I would like to see it in the future.

    1. Wennie says:

      Yes, its a good place for living, especially after retire.

  2. Yaru says:

    Your pics are always awesome.More attractive than the official propaganda pics.can learn ur emotion with the city through them.

    1. Wennie says:

      Thx darling, I want to show you my real life, hope you enjoy them and love there.😉

  3. qzhang16 says:

    You had a colour life in Adelaide from your all words.You photos looks beautiful

    1. Wennie says:

      Thank you😉

  4. rrsn says:

    Australia is amazing! So are your pictures, as always makes me travel! 🙂

    1. Wennie says:

      I’m sure you will like there, not that funcy but so peaceful, and nice weather and you can see lots of animals.

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