Movie Review of La La Land

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I watched it one afternoon days ago and it’s only shown at two theaters in NYC, which is cool for me since I’ve no friends who’s watched it before me and this movie is greatly expected by people.

It’s a little bit disappointing, just a little bit and I still will recommend it to you.

The story is pretty easy as most Disney children cartoons and even the poster reminds me of the starter of Disney films, but it’s totally fine because the music and dances are good so that you could just chill and enjoy it.

The movie is divided into different chapters by seasons, however it seems not a way to relate the plots to seasons very well except the chapter “fall”, where the leading roles falls over on their careers and falls apart with each other. It’s also really hard to tell the distinctions among seasons when the story happens in LA and everybody wears alike, as a result the seasons literally make no sense in this movie.

For me the worst part of this movie is the music & dance (M&D) part because the  evolution of story and mental world are not conducted by M&Ds, which sucks in a musical movie. For example in the scene when Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling first time walked together alone, they performed a M&D where they don’t like each other. However after the music ended, the dilemma within Ryan was shown with his pacing back and forwards after seeing Emma away. Another example is when Ryan got troubled with his dream, realizing  “the traditional jazz is dying”, all audience knew he should be in sorrow and then a sad music “city of stars” rang. What I want to say is the functions of M&Ds in this musical movie are too simple, no transitions or complex emotions were explained in the music. The music and dances in the movie are more like an amplifier of emotions, which is not enough at all.

It reminds me of another musical movie “High School Musical 3”. A couple-dance was performed on the roof when the girl was trying to teach the boy the steps of waltz, but also hiding something as the same time from the lyrics and facial expressions. The dance and steps flowed the music so well, they spinning when the melody goes smoothly.

There’s one moment truly touched me when Ryan unwillingly plays the piano on the stage for a non-traditional jazz and Emma falls back in the orgiastic crowd. The image of an individual unable to insist on his own belief against the mainstream was performed but as an easy movie, no more stories were set for this part.

In all this movie is okay but from my angle it’s not worth 8.8 on IMDB because you know the Whiplash only rates 8.5 in the end and technically La La Land can never beat Whiplash. I know 8.8 is not the final marks but it’s kinda ridiculous by now.



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  1. Steven says:

    Oh yes, I wanted to see it because I love Emma Roberts. I should definitely watch it. Thank god there is an AMC Theater close to my house. Thanks for that article.

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