Is Mental Telepathy Real?

Have you ever thought about someone and after 2-3 days they call you back?

However, I was wondering if anyone used to experience this called Telepathy?

In my whole life, I have experienced this thing so many times. Then, I decided to look it up on the Internet. Surprisingly, there are a lot of articles, journals and websites wrote about this.

The scientist also examined that Telepathy is real. Research in 2014 has changed all that, with a scientifically validated demonstration of mind-to-mind communication. The study in 2014 demonstrated that Telepathy is mind-to-mind communication.

Sounds weird, right?

The research “Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies”, also proved that Mental Telepathy is real. The picture below is their experiment.


Image Source

How do you think after reading the article?

Wondering if you have gotten the experience?



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  1. Wennie says:

    Wow, I learn a new word from you!Sounds cool. I do wish this could happens on a boy I like, sounds like a miracle.

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