Let’s watch and say

At the first time, when I saw it that it is full of gray tones. By chiaroscuro, it shows sky covered with dark clouds. Everyone have no face, dressing in the same suit, carrying a briefcase, lining up neatly and wandering on the grass. This got me thinking of peak time in Beijing. Everyone next to each other, lifting head see the team front, step by step to move forward. They do not know each other and they do not talk to each other, who were walk in a mode of mechanical movement. The second time when I saw it that everyone’s leg is the trunk, fixed on the grass. Everyone is hanging around and can not move. By using the principle of Foreshortening effects shows the miles of space that between a man and space, the later person likes a replica as the former person.

In the end, I don’t know that people is growing up in the trunk or the trunk dressing with human’s clothes. Tree symbolizes vitality and future and it generally stands for the extension of life. While in this photo, it can be seen that the tree grows strong and health by big tree roots. But with this photo, the trees turned to imprison people’s lock and it is also the root of human to absorb nutrients. Everyone grows on the same land, feel the same environment, absorb the same nutrients, so they are also with one face, doing the same things, playing the same role in the world .

This makes me think about a rock-melodrama <The Wall>,( Director:Alan Parker).In the film,Bob had to face the cramming teaching,inanimate social order makes no communication between people.Art is the true portraiture of society,so this image also reflects a kind of status in contemporary society that people are busy,receiving the same message and only to default to their old ways, but everyone is lonely, without a purpose.

7350511212_9f6655aa5e_zCreated by GabboT.

I asked many people, what did they think about this image. The answer was interesting.

Mr. Zhang,Beijing, photographer amateur, 27age

‘Generally speaking,I feeling everyone like a same routine.There is no difference.The same dress ,the same dress up and with no face.This neatly picture illustrates a rules.The lower part of the body is a stump so that I think this meaning is that everyone stand in accordance with the accordance rules I mentioned before and like a stump roots can not to move.This can be understood as people lost the ability to forward.Overall, it illustrates there are so many people in our life like trees take root in the unconscious,they do not willing to go to innovate and develop . They lose their dream and A Leap of Faith in the future.Everyone is no difference.

Mr. Li, Hong Konger, hospital officials, 32age

“The picture’s color scheme is dark-gray.Covered with dark clouds, the air is cloudy.The working state with no vigour,vitality,new meaning of life.The spirit is lost, the culture is also missing. Everybody looked at his direction, no exchanges,no touch.Stocky posts chain their feet.It tied not only the people, but also the heart .This picture reflects the majority of Chinese people who do not know live for who. I think that each of us should think to live or who we really are!

Duidui and her classmates, Shandong, pupil, 8age

“The picture is black and white, but I do not know why people have no face and no legs.”

“I see everyone wearing a hat, wearing a fringed skirt standing in line.”

“I think maybe they are living on the moon.And I think there is a arrow on his back,which likes the.”

“I do not like this people,I think they are bad!”


I am very like this research, you could find different people have different feeling, because of their different experiences.

So, what do you think about this image?

Here is a link, if you are interest in this image, you could find other interesting images which created by Tommy Ingberg,a photographer and visual artist.


The featured image link:






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