MEET 798

798it is not a combination,it have a special meaning in Beijing– arts zone.



Created by Jonathan Kos-Read.

This year, 15,000 workers working 798 retired. Since 2002, some artists walk into the nearly abandoned factories-798. From that moment, art and old 798 had a huge chemical reaction. The conflicting result is the artistic effects what we see now. Chinese artists formed 798 a new name: 798 Art District!

People in 798

There are two types in 798 people, one is walking in the world who are our own self; another one is walking in the consciousness who are created by artists.

People walking in the world

Most of people who work in 798 have their own understanding of art. I buy my favorite ring on the roadside stalls. Its creator is a 30-year-old woman, she was very ordinary who like work as a migrant worker in Beijing that can be seen everywhere, but she can make out of different shapes by using a wire, likes music symbols, flowers and a variety of patterns. She seems to know how to match color for people and what color would suit what people wear.


I saw the jewelry store is recruiting apprentices, a candidate want to have a try who was graduate from the Central Academy of Fine Arts senior students and the teacher is also a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He was dressed Chinese silks and satins clothes with round glasses, but with the necklace of gold metal guitar and cowboy boots. If he working in SOEs in China, you would think he is incompatible , but in 798, you would love with his garment because of his unique art aesthetic.


Train in 798

798 locomotive is a worth attractions to watch. It is a plurality of symbol and each people who take picture with locomotive has their own understanding of train.

The train is one of the signs of modern industrial civilization. Early 19th century, the arrival of the age of steam drove the life of train to grow up quickly. Each stage of world develop and change are embodied on the train.Its steel appearance and speed is a symbol of strength and overbearing. It has its own dedicated tracks, whether it is across town or wilderness, field or a foreign country, the train always has towards momentum with no one can stop power to drive to the destination.

Similarly, the train also represents the unknown and adventure life. Because the journey is unpredictable. One the way,we will see the comedy and will also see the tragedy because life is full of challenges. The coming train is a new starting point;the leaving train is a period of ending. But that does not mean life is stopping, as it represents another new starting point.


798 locomotives, we can say that it was a train coming to us, may be that will leave us, or it may be a temporary stay stage!

The featured image was created by Alexander C. Kafka.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    Make me miss there, and Beijing.

  2. Yaru says:

    I took a photo in there where the cover picture shows,love there!

  3. qzhang16 says:

    You article reminds me of the life in BeI Jing, ha ha. It is full of art atmosphere

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