Do not believe it !

My photo is the view of midtown of Manhattan. I took this picture in Roosevelt Island, where I’m living in. I think that it is very beautiful. I can enjoy the view of Manhattan and East River. I missed some buildings and other structures at the left side of the picture.

There are a lot of buildings and cars in the picture. The background is blue sky and white clouds. Everything is beautiful. In the reality life, Manhattan looks almost the same as this photo. Manhattan has so many tall buildings, and too many cars are running on the street. The whole city seems like a forest with these tall buildings. People and their cars seem like ants.

Does the image in the photo reflect the reality of life ?


The missing material is probably outside the frame of the photograph. Maybe you took a beautiful tree—outside of the frame—is a pile of trash or a homeless person sleeping. I missed a chimney at the left side. When I took this photo, I did not take the chimney into my frame. Because it will break the beauty of the picture. On the other hand, when we enjoy some beautiful views, perhaps we are going to ignore something are not good. Such as this chimney, it is destroying our environment.


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  1. kerrzbo says:

    Beautiful picture. I understand what you mean about leaving things out of photos. I alter my positioning several times when taking landscape photos to try and make the picture look perfect!

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