Wow! Spicy Sriracha Peas?!?

Hey, Everyone! This should be the last article for this class…

Well… I would love to write all about food or snack again!!

I believe that everyone knows “Sriracha Hot Sauce”, Right??? It is a type of hot chili sauce. I would say I even eat it with chips….. hahaha


Image source 

Well…. we have heard about Sriracha Chips or Sriracha Popcorn… 

What about this one below??


It is a spicy sriracha pea!! I found this delicious!!!!

Let’s try this one! Don’t forget to tell me how do you like it!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. xmei01 says:

    Did you start the engine? You updated so many articles ,haha!

  2. Wennie says:

    After I came here I saw lots of restaurant use Sriracha… For Pho or chinese rice…thai resturant…lol I was very curious why American love this source so much!!in Australia this source not that popular, but its taste good by the way, can’t imagine whats kind of flavour for that peas, I’ll try !

  3. qzhang16 says:

    your title article looks interesting,haha. To be honest, when I came NY, among all sauce,the picture one really appealed to me, I thought it was ketchup,ha ha, of course I was wrong.

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