The millennial

Do you guys know the millennial? For them, do you have any perspective?

The first wave of the millennial is on the rise, and they are responsible for planning or developing business-critical decisions. It is important to understand their impact on the current changing workplace. Some people say they are lazy narcissists, some say they are energetic optimists. The millennial generation is similar to the expectations of previous generations. Their goals are as varied as those of older colleagues. Millennial are more adept at communicating with employees at work than other generations. They value leadership, clear business strategies and performance reward and promotion mechanisms. They are less concerned with the flexibility of collaborative work environments, the freedom to innovate and the balance of work-life management. The millennial generation is no longer fanatical about power because the information revolution gives them greater power, science and technology give them access to the means to compete with larger organizations, and then have the characteristics of the times. Millennial have the ability and the means to reach a compromise and consensus with the traditional employer, and thus get a better reward. Millennial have a lot of valuable qualities. They are serious and optimistic, accept the existing system. They are pragmatic idealists and activists. There is no leader in their world. They long for constant recognition. They are afraid to miss anything. They have a fanatical obsession with celebrities, but not far to worship them. Even if they believe in God, they do not go to church because they do not want to be the embodiment of tradition and tradition. Compared to the material wealth, they are more yearning for the novelty experience. Their fashion and conservative, not always full of passion. They are knowledgeable, but not impetuous. They have a positive attitude towards the financial sector. The millennial generation is not only the largest generation in history, but also the last generation that we can accurately understand and summarize. The millennial generation is a group of great pioneers with optimism, they are trustworthy and look forward to, the future is a witness. Believe in them, believe in the future.



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  1. qzhang16 says:

    O, your article open my minds,haha

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