First Time Making A Sushi Roll!

This article might be a bit embarrassed for me, however, I want to share such a happy moment to you guys! My lovely classmate!

My whole life has been involved to Japanese! Like, I used to work with Japanese company when I was in Bangkok. When I moved here, my best friends are Japanese. Then, I ended up with working with a Japanese company again!

Of course! I love a Japanese food and I want to make it for my roommate!

I have learned from my Japanese friend that making a sushi roll is super easy, so and she taught me how to made it!!

Rice mixes with sugar, salt, and vinegar. Then, get some pieces of salmon, avocado or cucumber! WHATEVER YOU LIKE!! and roll it.


Sounds easy right?  

Well……. I realized that making a sushi roll is not my passion…  Then …. it turned out like this……


OH NOOO…….. Look at my triangle rolls… and baby rolls……


Anyway…. Have you guys ever done a sushi roll before? Was it horrible like mine?

Let’s share you experience!!



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    Look so niceeee… i wanna learn Sushi recipe as well, I’ll make this after final😉

    1. breeze_lipigarn says:

      Looks super ugly!!! Lol

      1. Wennie says:

        no🌝 looks good! deserve praise😉

  2. xmei01 says:

    Amazing. I also want to make Sushi, but I need to buy some tools.

    1. breeze_lipigarn says:

      Sunrise market has everything! Go get them!!

  3. qzhang16 says:

    I think the first experience is impressive and wonderful forever,haha

    1. breeze_lipigarn says:

      Well… it shouldn’t look ugly like this

  4. gwang12 says:

    I have done once with my roommates. It is very delicious.

    1. breeze_lipigarn says:

      Don’t forget to show me you work!!

  5. mengyangmoomoo says:

    I love Sushi! And i think the most important part of Sushi is rice.

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