Ape shall never kill ape

Hi, Today I’ve got another blog to share some street wear for you guys. a lot of people love street wear like me. But,there are so many brands of them. how to select the right one fits to you is a tough problem.  maybe you will get some  suggestions from my blog.

Do you know the famous brand—-BAPE. I don’t remember the accurate time, but I was attractive by first glance.  I don’t want to introduce its history or designer, Nigo. if you want to know something about, the way of Google is better. I like to wear some brands is definitely not the reason that celebrities  like wearing them. I just focus on the design, texture and quality. that is why I don’t buy all of its design. some of them is really suck. you know, it is lost the original goal that the designer maintains, if a brand become a machine that just pursuits profit. so BAPE is something change when Nigo sell it out to I.T. but, I.T maintains the brand original spirit of  BAPE. that is why AAPE launch to market.

It is not avoid  to mention that BAPE is famous by the shake face design. you can always find the symbol on its products, such as, hat, coat, jacket, leather greatcoat, hoody, etc. i will post some picture as follow.

There is just only one BAPE store in New York, it’s located in area of SOHO where is 91GREENE STREET NEW YORK NY 10012 U.S.A.. if you want to get something new design about BAPE, you will arrive there directly and find the store accurately by my share.

I’d say that I like BAPE less than before. but, sometimes, this brand also provides some exiting design for me. I will pay close attention to BAPE continuously.

I am very glad to hear about your own story about  fashion wear and street wear.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. qzhang16 says:

    It looks interesting and I learned some ways to do that, Thank you for sharing

  2. Yaru says:

    I love Bape too,good pics.

  3. mengyangmoomoo says:

    Those designs are very good! I will go to the BAPE store and have a look

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