If The Lights Go Out

Can you image what gonna happen if there are cyber crime happened on power grid in U.S.? Internet bring us lots of benefits. At the same time, we are too dependent on internet. If high-skilled hackers become terrorists, the world will return to the dark ages. Therefore, cyber crime is as important as normal crime today, even more dangerous. Cyber crime not only lead to losing property, it also can kill people. Because we can not survive in a big city when all infrastructure shut down for weeks or months.

In modern society, public infrastructures play the most important role in our daily life in a big city. City provide people basic needs, such as water, foods. It is easy and convenient to control the facility by computer. Internet connect all of devices together. All infrastructures, such as water factory, food factory and communication system, they all need power to running. If we lose power, it could mean lose everything. Hunger and thirst is not the only things we need to worry. Chaos will coming too fast, it is worst than we can imagined. Even people know that government will provide resources for the city in several days. But if power go outs for weeks or months, there is no plane for government to solve this problem. Lack of necessity for life is the first step. Then Millions people who have guns will join in the big chaos. People start to loot each other for the supplies.

Government or big companies must have responsible for the public. Government should educate people pay more attention on cyber crime and they have to understand the consequences. Power companies need to hire more programmer maintenance and upgrade system. If terrorists successful shout down the light, there is zero profit for those power companies.

After i explain the dangerous of cyber crime. We must be prepared for online attack. Otherwise, many people will die. The potential threat is too big. I hope that government could pay more attention on this issue, avoiding the occurrence of any tragedy and improve the cyber security.

Pictures from 世界这么乱,卖萌给你看


4 Comments Add yours

  1. qzhang16 says:

    It is an interesting article. I can not image what will happen if the world is dark.You title picture appeals to me,haha

    1. mengyangmoomoo says:

      Thanks you. It is a serious problem. Especially in U.S.

  2. breeze_lipigarn says:

    I like the pictures!

    1. mengyangmoomoo says:

      Thank you for reading

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