The beautiful town of Sea Cliff hosts a Holiday Artist Boutique

On Sunday, December 4th, Sea Cliff hosted a Holiday Artist Boutique right in the heart of town at the Creative Arts Studio of Sea Cliff.  Sea Cliff is the town I grew up in on the North Shore of Long Island. Sea Cliff has a special community full of local artists who host unique events to sell their work. My mom just so happens to be one of those artists!

My mom went to the University of Boulder in Colorado where she studied Fine Arts. She ended up becoming a ceramic artist and a pottery teacher. I find it so amazing that she was able to go to school in Colorado for art. Colorado is where I want to live when I’m older! Today my mom was invited to be part of the Sea Cliff Holiday Artist Boutique  where she and other local artists will sell their work. My friends and I walked to the show, had a cup of coffee and chatted with local artists, admiring their beautiful pieces. My mom named her work “Speakeasy Pottery” because she was living and working in a speakeasy in Sea Cliff when she first kicked off her career as an artist.  I love the unique work of local artists and businesses, it feels really good to support them.

Here is a photo of my mom’s business card 🙂

Speakeasy Pottery
Speakeasy Pottery

Here is a dinner set my mom made 🙂

Lotus Dinner Set
Lotus Dinner Set

My mom’s work is inspired by nature. It’s great to see people purchase her work, she is very talented. Do any of you make art?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. qzhang16 says:

    Oh I think your mom has a pair of beautiful hands,haha

  2. ge wang says:

    Your mom’s works are so amazing! You must have an interesting experience with your mom.

  3. Wennie says:

    I admire you… your mom must be very creative. Though my mom is the no.1 in my heart, but I can not neny she is a business woman who really not good in art…lol

  4. rrsn says:

    Your mom must be a really creative person! that’s really nice! The town looks like a Christmas movie! 🙂

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