A Group of Strange Mountains in China

There are many mountain in china. The most representative mountains are the five great mountains. I do not want to introduce those mountains which have kind of characteristics, but all of them are still the normally mountains.

Last summer, i went to Zhang Jia Jie in Hu Nan province in China. I have heard that Zhang Jia Jie was called the world odd mountain. Amount of mountains are distributed in more than 360 square kilometers of land. Most of them are different from the normally mountains which become smaller from the bottom to the top. Zhang Jia Jie’s mountains are tall and straight.


It is hard to see those strange mountains stand just like a straight line on the ground. Unlike normally mountains, people never climb to the top. There is no way to build a road through bottom to the top on those steep mountains. Summer is the tourist season, so i wait for the cable car about one and a half hour to reach close to the peak. I was a climber both lucky and unlucky that day. The heavy rain made the ground wet and dirty. And it is hard to use umbrella when i was climbing. But it is very beautiful when the rain was stopped. Zhang Jia Jie has a high altitude with mountain climate, where people can see that mist and clouds around the mountains. I felt that i just walked into a paradise.

I love this trip. I highly suggest that people come to Zhang Jia Jie. You don’t need a tour guide if you want to climb mountains. Just forget all trifles and trouble that you have in your mind. I hope everyone come to there can enjoy the mountains.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. qzhang16 says:

    It is a really beautiful place,many years ago, I wanted to travel there but failed to do that, After i go back to China, i must go there

    1. mengyangmoomoo says:

      Yeah. But don’t go Zhangjiajie in summer vacation. Too many people.

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