Thanksgiving tour, Cold Spring, a beautiful small town!

This year, in New York, we had a Thanksgiving holiday which was different from China. Our roommates decided to go sightseeing to colorful our holiday and make the most of our time. During Thanksgiving holiday, we had intended to go to West Point bur one of my Chinese friends recommend me to go to Cold Spring which also just cross the Hudson river, a small town. I looked through the information about Cold Spring and felt it was a good place to worthy going indeed. Therefore, I started to plan it.

November,23, we started our journey at 8 am, the last evening we had prepared for the whole things which made me feel excited already. That morning, we cooked the breakfast by ourselves and had a quick breakfast then. We took the subway to the Grand Central Station which is also a famous tourist attraction, at the first sight, It really appealed to me. It seems like a wonderful palace and I took some photograph at the same time. Then, we asked the stuff which train we should take and check the schedule by ourselves

It was my first time to take train in New York. We purchase a round ticket which total 28$, to my surprise, there are two parts seat on the train, one is for family which included a small child seat. It took us around one and half of hour, it was a small peaceful town and there are many beautiful houses but rare people and cars we could see. We could not help taking photos for everything we saw, there are various kinds of small stores, for example, restaurant, clothes, foods. Everything there looks clean and comfortable. I really like the style of the houses, it did not seem like New York which is crowded, It as if every family could do their own thing. All the things looks fantastic! It provides you with a peaceful and slow atmosphere compared with New York.

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That was a wonderful trip which planed by ourselves the whole process!

webwxgetmsgimg-3                                               webwxgetmsgimg-11


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    lol, lovely houses there!

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Yew,all of houses there are beautiful,haha

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