Have you ever enjoined an American party?

I’v always wanted to share a great experience after came to New York city. It’s always meaningful to join different culture and know different people when you arrive in a new place, experience the lives of local culture even better than hang out the city. Luckily I joined one of my uncle’s friends Koock family’s party, and they left me a most amazing night.


Photography by Wennie

I used to join parties when I lived in my Australia home stay, but every time, I could have different feelings and experiences. The host Mr.Koock is a Korean American and  the hostess Mrs.Koock is from New York city, so they have a big multicultural family background. Both of them are artists,  they have different vintage collections in their house and they are interests in different culture especially on Chinese history and Chinese language. The house has a strong artistic atmosphere and so beautiful look inside. Out of politeness, I didn’t take many photos.


Photography by Wennie

Mrs.Koock is a great cooker, as you can see, she prepared classic delicious food for us, the kitchen was full of lovely food which is the most wonderful kitchen I ever seen! We were keep chatting  while she was cooking.

Photography by Wennie

She made a wonderful American roast beef with different veges, asparagus and my favorite Tzatziki source mixed on it. At the same time I learnt her recipe about how to cook these delicious food. We have talked about our experience , own culture and music up to 11am, and this long yummy night was so sweet that I can’t forget about it!



Photography by Wennie

This was my first American party experience in nyc, hope I could have more friends and experiences to learn something different and new. I also encourage international students in our class to join some local family parties, I’m sure you will get much fun of it.




8 Comments Add yours

  1. qzhang16 says:

    Oh,it looks as if you have a big family haha, you must spend a wonderful holiday?

    1. Wennie says:

      Very good one😉

  2. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    The spread looks great and your pictures are always excellent we have to collab!!!!

    1. Wennie says:

      Lmao, thx bro, love ya! 🤗🤗

  3. fancy1201 says:

    Soooooo nice party! looks so delicious! so happiness!

    1. Wennie says:


  4. Shushu says:

    Wow…so cool. I have never joined the American party since I came to New York. It looks so impressive.

    1. Wennie says:

      yes, make some local friends first!

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