As the semester comes to a close…

I can’t believe that its about to December 1st. As always, it feels like the semester flew by. Doesn’t it feel like we were just coming out of summer? I must say, this semester has been one the hardest/busiest for me since I started school at NYIT! But I’ve learned to push myself beyond my usual limits to reach success. It has been exhausting and tiresome, but it has been an experience.

This social media class was the first class I’ve taken at the Manhattan campus. Unfortunately, it may be the last. Next semester is my last semester here at NYIT and the classes I’m taking all seem to be at the Old Westbury campus. But I won’t ever forget this experience of commuting to the city and meeting all of you.

Cause I’m a dork – first selfie on my way to my first NYIT city class 🙂

First NYIT City Class!

I’m sure everyone is stressing out as the semester comes to a close. Finals and tests are approaching. But we need to remember that this time of year is our grind time. We need to continue grinding and finish the semester out strong. We need to remember that we’re all feeling the same tiredness and stress. It makes us feel a little more supported knowing we aren’t alone!

And we need to remember…
After these next couple weeks, we will have a month long of break. 🙂
How amazing does that sound? Christmas will come along then New Years Eve. Hello 2017!

On a side note – I’ve included two pictures of NYIT’s Old Westbury campus that I found on their website. I thought it would be interesting to show those of you who haven’t seen it before! The photo that was taken in air. The beautiful thing about NYIT’s Old Westbury campus is its surrounded by beautiful woods. So much greenery and beauty.


^ This photo is the Communications building. Behind it is a beautiful big pond. 🙂


Let’s finish off the semester strong people! We got this!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. xmei01 says:

    Do not sad, I can go to Long Island campus to find you play.

  2. Wennie says:

    I enjoyed a lot in our school also, no matter which campus we chose, both of they are pretty good!Hope you find a good career place after next semester, xoxo.

  3. qzhang16 says:

    To be honest, I am so lucky to met and made friends with you. If I have chance, I look forward to seeing you at long island

  4. kerrzbo says:

    Thanks for the love guys! Making me smile 🙂 was great meeting all of you ❤

  5. Shushu says:

    We all have the good time on Manhattan campus. Maybe I will go Old Westbury to go sightseeing.

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