My first birthday in New York

Last Sunday was my birthday, in China we called solar calendar birthday, It was an unforgettable weekend which was the most happiness and meaningful in New York, from Saturday morning till Sunday evening, many friends companied me and celebrated together.

Saturday morning, I went to New Jersey and my badminton teammates went to the badminton court earlier than me, they prepared a surprising celebration for me, and I did not tell them when was my birthday and I did not know how they know that, we played badminton together from 9 am to 7 pm, of course at noon we ate Vietnam dishes, at dinner we had the buffet which was my first buffet in the USA

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Sunday morning, I cooked a birthday egg and noodles breakfast for myself which was a Chinese traditional habit, I went shopping with my Chinese friends, which during the period, I bought a brunch of flowers for myself because of and I selected my favourite goods among three months. I really enjoyed the loveness things and time, At evening, I met my another precious friend and we had a secret dinner which we shared delicious food and birthday cake. Although we did not have a big birthday party, we were extremely happy and exciting because we feel comfortable with each other in daily life


The most to my exciting is the snowy day. The day of my birth was a snow day, therefore the snow is meaningful and precious for my whole life. Sunday morning, I find it snowed which was the first snowy day in New York at the same time I received my mom’s message, I was told that my hometown also snowed. To be honest, I felt lucky at that moment, it seems like the god would like to celebrate for me

We should enable our life are full of happiness things and person. Cherish our possess! Try our best to enjoy our personal life and be kind to every one we met!






11 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    Happy birthday😉🎉, good to see you had a great birthday in here, i love pho sooooo much, one of my best favorite food.

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Thank you for your deeply blessing, it was really unforgettable,haha

  2. Yaru says:

    Happy birthday,haha Today is my birthday, both sagittarius!

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Thank you for blessing,haha,The same to you happy birthday

  3. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    First..Happy belated “Solar Calendar Birthday” and it was nice of your teammates to surprise you as well!

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Thank you so much for your blessing,ha ha.I really appreciate that I have these friends indeed

  4. breeze_lipigarn says:

    Ohhhh Happy Birth Dayyyy

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Thanks a lot haha

  5. fancy1201 says:

    Happy Birthday! even though it is a late blessing! so happy to see you have a great birthday here! soooooo nice! Dec. 1 I also spent my first birthday in New York!

    1. qzhang16 says:

      Oh really, happy birthday to you too.haha. You must spend a meaningful day in New York, right?

      1. fancy1201 says:

        For me, it is really really reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a meaningful day!!!!!!!!

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