Ever wondering How To Get Away With Murder?


Well, I know that it is not that recent (2014) but I just discover it and it’s GREAT!
So, being a huge fan of Scandal, which I already finished watching, Netflix suggestions (“you will also like…”) leads me to How to Get away With Murder, produced by ABC.

How to get away with murder Promotional poster - Credit picture: Wikipedia official Web page
How to get away with murder Promotional poster – Credit picture: Wikipedia official Web page

So, for those who never heard about it, let me do a brief synopsis. It happens at Philadelphia, Middleton University. A Law professor and professional attorney specialized in criminal defense, Annalise Keating, selects five of her bests students to work with her during the year to assist her through all her cases. But the situation became dramatic when her selected students have to apply her classes for themselves as they have to get away with murder, Professor Keating husband’s murder. All of this accompanied by several trials, friendships, sex and betrayals. All of this creating a great suspense and maybe to much addiction (I ended the two first seasons in 5 days…)

The casting itself is very complete and interesting, mixing the strong and hard women, the miss perfect, the vicious men using his sexual potential to win everything, the friendly but very smart guy… People that they will never be friend in real life, but getting stuck with blood on their hands, it creates relationships… Of course!

I though that as Final Exams are coming, we all need a little distraction!
Did some of you already watch it? 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    Omg!!I love this drama!!Always recommend to my friends, same taste!good sharing!!

  2. Wennie says:

    Up to second season, but I prefer the first

    1. rrsn says:

      Haha I knew that we will like it! 🙂

  3. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    To answer your question I’m going to say “No I haven’t wondered how” (Ok maybe a few times) but I had NO idea the show had a story line like this! Good blog…the headline drew me in!

    1. rrsn says:

      Haha I’m relieved that you didn’t 🙂

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