No Better No Worse

Thanksgiving day and Black Friday sweep over the whole New York. I taste turkey that I have ever never tried, and some other Thanksgiving day food. The turkey tasting is not bad, but it also not taste delicious. It is certain that the turkey is really big. Four of us could not finish a whole thing. I also wonder around the Macy’s, the Fifth Avenue and SOHO area. It’s interesting. So many people would crow and squash in one counter to purchase. I notice that some brands improve their final  price and their are making a low discount for customers. I bought a sweater last week, the original price was $189 and the final price was 59.9 when i paid, but the same sweater that is 50% off in Black Friday, the sweater reality price is $94.5 now. It’s not a smart strategy. But it’s interesting.

Oh, it’s very rare that I could have a shot vacation for myself. So, I am drawing some self-portrait. I can not wait to share with yours. ALL is Life and life is colorful. We just experience it and understand a little bit more.



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  1. Yaru says:

    Lol, the cover photo like cartoon, pretty cool, which app can do photo like that?

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