My First Thanksgiving Day In US!

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional festival in US, which provides 5 days off for everyone to stay with family or friends. This is my first Thanksgiving holiday in America and I decided to go to Ohio to meet my friend who is a master degree student in Ohio State University. Actually, we have not seen each other for almost 2 years. And I am very excited.

On the Thanksgiving Day, the university held a big festival dinner and offer the free food for the students, faculty staff and neighbors who have the tickets. This activity has 25 years history in the Ohio State University. Firstly, when I entered in the hall, I found that it is a big place that can admit almost hundreds of people. So excited.
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Besides, there are some volunteers who prepared for this dinner are around the hall, including young man who may be the students in the university, old people with a big smile and even children who are responsible for distributing drinks, very cute. You should pick up your food from desk by desk and have an apple pie or pumpkin pie after the dinner. There are sweet potato, corns, bread and turkey. To be honest, it is very delicious except the cinnamon, a strange flavor.

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In general, the dinner party gave people an opportunity to spend the festival with each other in spite of the strangers, which may relieve the homesick. For me, it is very meaningful.

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Ohio is a city that prefer the red color and the residents are passion for their culture, which seems like my hometown, China. I like the place very much. The most important thing is the delicious food,  whatever the brunch,lunch or the dinner. Delicacy makes me feel happy.




8 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    lol… look interesting! Wish our school has the big festival dinner!! We only serve breakfast for thanksgiving..

    1. gwang12 says:

      Yes. It is an interesting and meaningful activity. Hope that our school has the big dinner……..

  2. catherineqiu0408 says:

    What a nice experience! It must be an unforgettable memory for you~

    1. gwang12 says:

      Exactly. The Most important thing is I am with my friends!

  3. xmei01 says:

    Your Thanksgiving Day has been fun,right?That dinner looks very attractive.

    1. gwang12 says:

      Yep. Very delicious food!

  4. qzhang16 says:

    It was an impressive experience for you, right? we are the first time to spend the Thanksgiving and biack friday in New York,It was a amazing festival.

    1. gwang12 says:

      Yep. I am very happy this Thanksgiving day!

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