Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and Black Friday

If you’re wrong Macys Thanksgiving Day parade, at least you don’t miss the Black Friday shopping mall.
New York City parades in particular. Apart from that, I went to see Macys Thanksgiving parade that I have experienced since September to November this year, Labor Day parade, marathon race, Columbia Day Parade, Halloween Parade, Veterans Day Parade. Give me the feeling is the local activities of the organization are very strict, and the public participation is very high.

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade has been 90 years of history. I was attracted to Youtube last month when I saw this advertisement. So I decided to take a look at the scene. I was late, so I didn’t see the whole show. I think I can’t miss this Black Friday shopping spree.

I rushed to the mall to go shopping in this black Friday morning.In fact, shopping malls or very orderly. Some people will be in advance on the website of the favorite electronic products. This time the purchase price is very cost-effective.
But I see the shoes before that it not discount. Cause I still feel a little regret.

What strange things do you buy on black Friday?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    I saw the parade also, cutest ballons… love the automophere.

    1. xmei01 says:

      I like a pink hair balloon doll. The next day, I actually see a lot of pink dolls in the sale .

  2. gwang12 says:

    I like the Hello Kitty, so cute.

    1. xmei01 says:

      Yes, these balloons are very pleasing.

  3. qzhang16 says:

    That day, I also experienced parade, I think parade is a culture habit indeed

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