Great Barrier Reef Vacation:The Largest Coral Reef In The World.

This week, I’m going to introduce another  remarkable natural resort I visited last year for you! The amazing Great Barrier Reef, a breathtaking beauty island which has largest coral reef in the world.


                                                            Photography by Google search

I don’t know have you ever heard this beautiful place, Great Barrier Reef(in Cairns) is one of the best  tourist destination in Australia but also one of the world heritages. You can see breathtaking sights from the sky to the sea, It’s absolutely a best choice for skydiving and diving in the world. Compare with Fiji Island(in my previous blog), you will catch sight of different natural landscape, the coral reef world, Australia culture and lifestyle in there. The reason I want to introduce to you this wonderful place, that the reef is facing some serious troubles due to massive bleaching events in recent years, reefs are highly vulnerable and damaged to climate change. The impacts will be far reaching, much marine life and the reefs are very destroyed, people keep guessing whether Great Barrier Reef would close in the next few years to rescue these corals. I felt very happy I still saw a wonderful sight in there before I left Australia. As we know  environmental degradation is one of the largest threats in the world today, I strongly encourage you to see something more valuable and special. Cairns has a typical tropical weather in whole year, if you are interest in this place after read my blog, please make a good holiday plan and go to find this lovely place any time you want, the sooner the better.

                                                                     Photography by Wennie

Cairns is a small city in Australia, people normally go there for Great Barrier Reef and Skydiving. We stayed there for 3 days, it’s peaceful and carefree like spring all the year round but a rainy city.


        Photography by Wennie

I was soooooo excited to do my Cairns skydiving activity in the second day but unluckily it rained that day T_ T.. We were waiting for 2 hours but didn’t help. I think this is my biggest regret before I left Australia, and I’m sure I’ll go back and do it again. Cairns is a must do skydiving destination, I strongly encourage you to go for it if you visit there.

Photography by Wennie

I had an amazing experiences of exploring the Great barrier Reef adventure in my last day. We took cruise to the Green Island, Whitsunday and Outer Reef (which are three most popular islands in Great barrier Reef.


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                                 Photographs by Wennie & Wennie’s carry-on photographer

I did different scuba diving to took photos and see the reefs, they are so many types in different & beautiful colors that you couldn’t see in anywhere else, they are amazing!

Photographs by  Wennie’s carry-on photographer

I was so lucky that day, because one of the Humphead Wrasse fish passed by my side when I did snorkeling, it looks funny and huge. It is the most famous star and largest coral reef fish in there, the tour guide had been introducing this fish on our cruise, finally we got few special precious photos that no one else got as my gift in this journey, you can see how big it is!


Photography by Wennie 

I hope after read my blog, you will love this amazing place. This also was a unforgettable trip in my Australia life. The most amazing experience and one that will live with me for a very long time. I truly hope scientist could help those beautiful reefs, fishes and people can realize more to protect the environment.



11 Comments Add yours

  1. fancy1201 says:

    so so soooooooo…. beautiful there! I have been there for one year, but haven’t visited, so regrettably!!!!

    1. Wennie says:

      Should find a time and go again,gonna be a great experience in your life!

  2. gwang12 says:

    What a beautiful place! Your picture also attracts me to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Thank you for your recommendation.

    1. Wennie says:

      Xoxo, thx for reading!

  3. catherineqiu0408 says:

    What a nice vacation~I have been to Maldives before and the sea world there is also awesome! The view of seaside really make me feel relaxed!

    1. Wennie says:

      Yes,Maldives is more like Fiji, but Great Barrier Reef is a Natural Heritage because of the Barrier Reef. Tourist go there for looking different sight, they all lovely islands.

  4. qzhang16 says:

    It looks fantastic! it was a beautiful place and appeals to me a lot

    1. Wennie says:


  5. Shushu says:

    I like driving so much, but I never try it. Last year, I had a VR experience,I saw a whale swim beside me,that is so interesting…

    1. Wennie says:

      lol VR is good!but different feelings, its good to see a whale by VR, but i prefer into the water and see the real sea world.

      1. Shushu says:

        yes, different experiences. I want try a real driving,haha~

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