How Trump election can influence French election

Election night, Times Square - Picture credit: me
Election night, Times Square – Picture credit: me

November 8th 2016 will be an Historical date that the whole World will remember (for most of us as a nightmare…). If I can be kind of released as I am not an American Citizen, (well, even if I am a little bit worried about my visa status), I am definitely scared about how this unexpected result can influence French coming election, this Spring 2017.

Indeed, the French political situation is pretty much similar to the United-States one. We also have our terrifying Donald Trump, exception is that the person is a women, Marine LePen (and I am not including an external link about her to not promote her). To explain it in a few words, she is racist, homophobic, and influenced by her almost nazi father. Thing is that she became more and more popular with all the terrible attacks committed in France recently, by claiming the exclusion of French muslims, this is how smart she is!
With Trump’s victory (no need to say that she is amazed by it), France is facing two influenced solutions: the first will be that the Front National (Le Pen political party) supporters will grow as there is no shame anymore to vote for an extremist President, the idea being that if the US did it, we can do it too…

Manifestation against Trump in Paris - Credit picture: Inspirelle
Manifestation against Trump in Paris – Credit picture: Inspirelle

Hopefully, the second solution will be the absolute inverse effect. As #ParisAgainstTrump is real, the main reaction in France was that we don’t want to live the same nightmare. Since his election, French people seems to waking up, to supports the Americans and to fight against extremes thought, by  voting in large numbers in April 2017 so we won’t have to live this terrible election. Conclusion is, GO VOTE!

What about you guys? Did Trump election can have an impact on your political system countries?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. catherineqiu0408 says:

    Even though I always feel neutral in politic matters, the Trump’s influence in every field really shocked me a lot…

    1. rrsn says:

      I know, I still can’t realize what is really happening!

  2. Wennie says:

    People from everywhere in the world is guessing, I was searching some articles about how Chinese and American relationships gonna be in the future as well, dk if he gonna make any changes in politic matters, terrified…

    1. rrsn says:

      Yes this is so scary! Even more when we’re listening to what he use to say about our countries, China and France… terrified

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