5 Ways to Stay Fit Before the Holiday Season


A little progress each day adds up big results. Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow!

Hi Everyone! I hope all of you are having a great beginning of the week. As we all know, the holiday season is right around the corner! With it comes tons of food temptations that can end up in gaining few pounds. However, I have set the goal to prepare myself before the full holiday season starts. I’m planning on going home (Colombia) for Christmas which means that I’ll be eating a lot! I know I won’t be able to contain myself from the delicious food my family makes. Today, I would like to share with you 5 tips that are helping me to put myself in better shape before the season starts.


First of all, I need to start by telling you that I’m not anywhere close to be a fitness expert or something like that. I actually find a little challenging to maintain myself in track with my goals in the fitness world. I resigned to the gym two months ago and it has been really hard to be 100% consistent with it. The first month I was very motivated, I was eating really good, and I was finding the time to go to the gym. By the second month, I got really sick for about three weeks! For this reason I had to stop working out…It was really hard to keep the same motivation I started with. Now, I’m very determined to move forward with my goals no matter what! If you think you have some troubles on being constant with your fitness goals, and you want to try to not fall out of wagon before the holiday season. Here I want to share 5 tips that might be useful for you as well.


1. Set Real Goals

First things first, in order to get any results you must set real goals! Let’s be honest, there are few weeks left before Christmas and New Years…and let’s no even talk of the fact that Thanksgiving will be in couple of days. This won’t be about losing 10 pounds before these dates…it will be about adjusting yourself a little more in your eating habits and being more constant with your exercise before these “big eating dates” start. Set the date you want to prepare for. For example, my goal is to be 100% disciplined until Christmas. I’ll be in Colombia on Dec 23th and I know that after that it will be more difficult to say “NO” to things I haven’t eaten in long time. However, I want to try my best to not screw out all my hard work just because I’ll be back home. I want to try to balance it out with exercise and measuring a little my portions.      

2. Start Small

Don’t be hard on yourself. Start by loving and accepting who you are. Once you do that, you can start thinking on how to start achieving those goals your have set. If you have no time to go to the gym try to make sure you keep yourself in constant movement. If you drive, park your car a little further from the main entrance. If you live in a building, try to take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you are taking the escalators don’t roll with it, just walk up! You can also do quick workouts at home…If you don’t know any routine you can look it up on YouTube. Click HERE to see one of my favorite routines from YouTube. If you do have the chance to go to the Gym, start your workout doing the routines you like the most.


3. Organize Your Daily Routine

What is your daily routine? What time of the day are you free? What are your meals during the day? These are questions you need to start asking yourself in order to start being more organized. Start writing down how is your daily schedule. This would help you to find out what time of the day you can assign to workout. What is also very important is to find out your eating habits. It might sound clingy but you won’t see any result if you don’t take care of your diet. When I say diet I don’t mean to starve yourself and to not eat anything. It is actually the opposite! The ideal is that you plan 5 small meals during the day to accelerate your metabolism. These meals should include good carbs, protein, and good fats. Prepare everything the night before if you can. Layout your workout gear and have it ready in a bag. Plan and  prepare your meals if possible. These are little things that will help you to be more organized and keep yourself in track. If you want to check some meal prep ideas click HERE and HERE.

4. Find Your Motivation

What is what really motivates you to keep on with your goal? When you feel like quitting or falling off track, remind yourself what motivated you in a first place. Find a gym buddy! Sometimes when we have someone else that is in the same page as us, we feel more motivated. It also gives us the responsibility to not let that person down. Commit to meet your gym buddy at a pre-planned time! Search for motivational quotes…this is something that I try to do daily in any aspect of my life. Sometimes we just need a little push to keep moving forward.


5. Avoid Temptations

Do you have in the kitchen those yummy cookies or chocolates you really really love? Well if I was you, I would get rid of it for now. I’m a cookie lover! There is nothing that makes me happier than have a delicious cookie with coffee in the afternoon. However, for now I’m just trying to stay as far as I can from it. There is very short time before the holidays, so I think that the little sacrifice will have its reward at the end of the run. Stick to water! Water helps me a lot to stop craving for those sweets I know I should not eat for now. Keep in your bag protein bars or any kind of nuts…These are also my best friends when I’m in a busy day or when I just feel “hungry for something”.


Photos by Vive Brunette

Outfit Details:

90 Degree by Reflex top // 90 Degree by Reflex leggings  // Calvin Klein Jacket // Nike Sneakers

 There you have it. 5 small steps that are helping me to maintain myself in track with my fitness goals before the holiday season starts…more specifically, before my trip to Colombia!

I hope this tips are useful for you as well. Let me know what you think about it!

Have a wonderful week and happy Thanksgiving!

Chao Chao

Monica V.  (Vive Brunette)


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    I just bought a pair of running sneaker for fit exercise T_ T.. sometimes too lazy to do it, but its so true we are easily getting fat in hoilday season…

    1. moni0626 says:

      Just wear your sneakers everywhere and try to walk around the city as much as you can 🙂

  2. ZQ199011120 says:

    Something to consider ,thank you for sharing.Holiday is a period which made us lazy and keep fit is important for everyone.

  3. xmei01 says:

    Great, my motivation is to make myself more dynamic.

    1. moni0626 says:

      I’m glad you felt motivated after reading this post 🙂

  4. dlibrizzo says:

    Great tips and motivation! It’s hard to keep on track around the holidays

    1. moni0626 says:

      I know! It is really hard…that’s why I’m trying to do it before so I don’t have to worry much when the actual holidays come 😛

  5. gwang12 says:

    Very useful tips for me. Actually, it is a little difficult for me to avoid the food temptation.

    1. moni0626 says:

      I hear you! Food is just amazing!!! 😛

  6. qzhang16 says:

    Good points! Holidays are always the”much food”

    1. moni0626 says:

      Hi, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  7. Shushu says:

    Thanks so much for your share. Weight gain is easier, so we need to make sure our balance our food intake with an increase in physical activity.

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