Why do I dislike K-Pop music videos

I had this topic in mind because of Mr. Scheckel played the music video of Gangnam Style.

I love K-Pop songs because most K-Pop songs are created with happy and memorable melody especially the female groups’. These songs are extremely accessible and I would probably not mind to hear it even I can’t understand the lyrics. These songs makes me hymn along no matter I’m at home or on the street. Meanwhile these songs also die and pass away easily not like that kind of songs you can listen to again and again for a few months. But it’s fine and they function as the popcorn movies within movies.

The K-Pop songs are good, so why not go check the music videos. So I clicked on [TOP 50] K-POP SONGS CHART • NOVEMBER 2016 (WEEK 2). To be honest I’ve never felt satisfied with those videos and they always drive me mad because the styles seem usually not related to the song, and there are always unexpected costumes and items appeared by accident. I found them super irrational as the singers in videos are super colorful, super pissed, super happy or super frustrated. And also, I can’t help having this feeling that those music videos are made by one imitating another.

There are actually few very good K-Pop music videos. So far as I’ve learned, the http://CL – ‘HELLO BITCHES’ DANCE PERFORMANCE VIDEO is good enough. I’m not that into the style but at least you notice how much efforts they’ve put in the camera moves and main role cooperation, not a simple duplication.

As recommendations, I would mention every single music video from OKGO’s, I’ve been a fan years ago after watching OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine – Official Video, their works always challenge your visual and make you wow without exception but this group also keeps me waiting. And the Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me is the most touching and special one I’ve seen.


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  1. Wennie says:

    I am not a fan of K-Pop music either, but feel okay with them, most MV are same style, they always create their style based on practical and artistic dance. I do really love the “Hello Bitch”, CL is a good Korean singer.

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