The hottest show on TV: The Walking Dead

The craze of The Walking Dead has been going on for seven seasons. If you are a loyal viewer like myself you have seen the death of countless characters, many relationships, blood, guts, gore and death. The zombie apocalypse that has taken over the world is a continuous fight for survival between the characters. Many people would ask why do you like to see people’s heads getting ripped apart and blood all over the screen.

Credit: @gnicotero
Credit: @gnicotero

The storyline and the characters are so engaging and entertaining. When you follow a group of actors and actresses for almost 7 years you become a part of their journey. Yes, it is fiction but it makes you think of how you would act and behave if a zombie apocalypse took over Earth. You can think of it like the era of the dinosaurs who had no chance of survival after the Big Bang Theory.

Credit: @Bigbaldhead
Credit: @Bigbaldhead 

The season seven premiere brought in 17 million viewers to see who the main character was to be killed off. They introduced a new villain to the show, Negan who has took over Rick’s group that has been gathered together since season 1. When the viewers found out they killed off a fan favorite and not one but two characters it was a total shocker, Steve Yeun who played Glen and Michael Cudlitz who played Abraham.

Credit: @Bigbaldhead








Credit: @laurencohan 

According to a  recent Forbes magazine, they claimed that viewership was down since the two episodes that aired after the premiere. They feel like many viewers are retaliating against the death of their favorite characters. Even though it dropped to 11 or 12 million viewers, I would still say that the show is on a high and going strong compared to many other TV series. Due to all the competition and channels we have access to along with Netflix and Amazon Prime now, a series is lucky to last past the 2nd season.

If you have not seen The Walking Dead, I strongly recommend to watch it. The show has been such a huge success that they are already renewed for season 8.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. rrsn says:

    I stopped watching it at season 4… But thanks to you I’m on it again haha

  2. catherineqiu0408 says:

    After searched the storyline, I think I need to have a look from the very beginning!

  3. kerrzbo says:

    I’ve never seen the Walking Dead! I do like zombie stories so I would probably like it. But I understand the frustration when a show kills a major character, I’ve experienced this with other shows and it makes me angry at the producers. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. gwang12 says:

    Actually, I like the TV shows or movies in the zombie genre. I will watch it after this semester. Thank you for your recommendation.

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